Planning Tip Tuesday: RSVP Etiquette

If you have ever hosted a shower, dinner party, wedding, or any type of event, then you know the importance of an RSVP. RSVP is of french origin and it stands for répondez s'il vous plaît, which literally means, 'please respond'. When you receive an invitation, please take the time to respond in a timely manner, and before the deadline. A successful event relies heavily on the guest count, so the host is patiently awaiting your response. Unless the RSVP says 'regrets only', then you are still expected to respond yes or no, either way. Please find below some of our tips for RSVP Etiquette. 



-Respond in a timely manner: We understand that we are all busy, but take the time to respond, as the host took the time to send you an invitation. This will give the host the chance to prepare in advance. 

-Show up: If you do respond with a 'yes' to the request, then show up! Try to stick to your word, as the host is planning for you to be there. In proper RSVP etiquette, don't miss the party unless you are ill or there is an emergency. 

-Be Respectful: The host has given a lot of thought to the list of invitees, so read the invite carefully, and respect their request. Don't even ask.."May I bring?.." If they are extending a plus one, then it will be noted 'and guest' on the invitation. 

Bottom line, it may just be an RSVP to you, but for the host, it is a lot of time, energy, money, and necessary for throwing an event! Don't be that person that the host has to call or text to get an answer because you forgot to respond. 

Thanks Style Me Pretty for the real talk, we couldn't agree more! 


Fabulous Friday: Framed Florals

We love the idea of framing your flowers, read more about this company that can turn your bouquet into a work of art! 


Don't throw out your wedding flowers! Memorialize your wedding with this custom curated Framed Florals piece. This unique keepsake will be treasured for years to come. The frame is adorned with flowers and foliage from your centerpiece, bouquet, or a sampling of flowers. This unique piece makes a perfect bridal shower gift, wedding gift, or a special gift to yourself.


Fabulous Friday: 8 Alternative Wedding "Cakes"

While wedding cakes are a timeless feature, personalizing your wedding with a cake alternative is an opportunity to incorporate details into your big day that reflect you and your husband-to-be. If you worked together at a donut shop, why not have a donut cake? If you stayed late at an ice-cream shop on your first date until they closed, opt for an ice cream cart. If you bonded over not loving desserts, what about having a “cheese” cake? 

Just like picking your dress, décor, and writing your vows, picking your wedding “cake” is an opportunity to give tradition a creative twist and have your personality come through. Here are 8 wedding cake alternatives we love to get your stomach grumbling! 

1. Macaroons

They're small and dainty, and come in endless flavors, what's not to love? 


2. Cookies

Imagine a cookie cake tower, with each tier being a different flavor of your favorite cookies: oatmeal, chocolate chip, red velvet, lemon, double chocolate...

3. Cupcakes

They're like a miniature cake, only a lot easier to pass around. 


4. Ice-cream 

If you prefer the creaminess of ice-cream over the iciness of a pop, but want something equally as fresh on a hot day! 


5. Ice Pops

Also the perfect refresher for a summer wedding! 

6. Donuts

Fried, filled, frosted, or unfrosted, you will drive your guests glazy! 



7. Waffle, Crepe, or Pancakes 

Frosted with syrup and fresh berries.  

8. Cheese Cake 

Who says cake can't be cheesy? This one's a Gouda alternative if sweet isn't your thing! 

Engage 18! Canada

We are so thankful we were able to attend our third Engage Luxury Summit this year which took place in Banff, Canada and celebrate #10YEARSOFENGAGE! This amazing destination with picturesque views and crisp mountain air is a must-see and a check off the bucket list for us! Did we mention it stays light out until 10pm in Canada!? We were able to learn and gain inspiration from other incredible industry professionals and took a day for team building by hiking up Lake Louise! Every year we leave making so many connections from all over the world who we can now call dear friends. 

Our biggest take away (which was really hard to narrow down) is 'we are who we do business with, don't forget that! Make it a priority to work with people who have the same view points as you, who love everyone like you do, and are passionate in the business they are doing.'

Out top 5 favorite things (in no particular order): 

1. The Great White North Gala with design expertise by Angela Desveaux of WedLuxe Magazine was a winter white wonderland and exceeded all of our expectations! Dining among a forest of laser-cut centerpieces was so unique to celebrate the majestic animals and nature of Canada! 

2. The views and scenery of Canada are spectacular and of course our castle where we stayed, Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel was a true luxury experience! Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty said it best "It was like partying in a painting" We couldn't agree more!

3. Amazing speakers including Jove Meyer, Jess Gordon, and Mindy Weiss  

4. Surprise gondola ride up the mountain to see complete 180 views of the Rocky Mountains! This was totally worth waking up at 6AM :) 

5. The cozy cabin attire full of gingham and buffalo plaid was such a fun dress code and completely fitting for the environment and glamping!  

Photo Credit: 
Carla Ten Eyck
Gigi de Manio
Cameron Kelly Studios
Paul Morse
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Fabulous Friday: Summer Weddings

Summer weddings hint at airy wedding dresses, outdoor venues, bright flowers, ceaseless greenery, and—unfortunately—often a wolfpack of sweaty guests. Fun fact: South Carolina lies amongst the Top 10 hottest states in the U.S during the summer, with temperatures averaging from lows of 74° to highs of 88°between the months of June and August.  

But, a summer wedding done right can have your guests feeling cool during your “I do” even on a day that is hot and humid with an 80-plus-degree forecast. To keep your guests in a fabulous mood on a summer day, consider having one—or all—of these ideas for everyone to enjoy during your wedding! 


1.     Sweetgrass fans/Program fans

Welcome your guests with fans for the ceremony, and they can even be personalized with the name of each guest, or double their use and make ceremony programs. On a summer day, this is the perfect breeze to leave your guests at ease.  


2.     Ice-cream

Whether you want to give your wedding a vintage vibe with an old-fashioned ice cream bicycle cart, or you’re looking to keep your décor fun with an ice-cream station, there’s nothing that a scoop of ice-cream can’t solve. 

3.     Milk & Cookies 

If you think warm cookies are good, add ice-cold milk, its the perfect combo. Serve cookies on top of milk-filled shot glasses engraved with your wedding date, and you’ll revamp a childhood favorite to a summer wedding guest favorite. 


4.     Naked Cakes

Heat often kills hunger, so replace the opted heaviness of a more traditional wedding cake, with the lightness and fluffiness of a buttercream layered naked cake topped with fresh berries. 

 5.     Prosecco + Pops

A personal, all-time favorite.  Champagne flutes with popsicles dipped in Prosecco. There’s nothing more refreshing than the sweetness and iciness of a popsicle coupled with bubbles to provide relief from the summer’s heat. 





Fabulous Friday: Model Bride

Model Bride boutique, located in the heart of Charleston, is an oasis for all things bridal. Model Bride has all the luxury bridal necessities from engagement to honeymoon! We know as a bride-to-be your schedule is packed full of bachelorette parties, showers, ladies luncheons, and more! Model Bride has thought of it all and has everything you would need from head-to-toe all in one place! The boutique makes the shopping fun and easy for all your wedding fashion needs. Go check out the beautiful store on King Street! 



Fabulous (Fit) Friday: Total Body Bridal Workout

We thought we’d add a little extra spontaneity to this week’s Fabulous Friday by making it a Fabulous (Fit) Friday! Whether you are a go-hard gym-goer or are in the beginning stages of discovering the wonders of exercise on the mind and body, breaking out of an exercise routine a few days before the big day can alter how you feel on the days leading up to your wedding. 

Since a lot of our brides come to us from outside of Charleston, putting aside an exercise routine that you have firmly followed is easy when you don’t have access to your gym. Therefore, this is a 1-hour workout that can be done anywhere. The goal, a total body workout and a dosage of exercising’s addicting endorphins. The requirements, your mind and body.  

Since it is double the fun to work out with a partner, this workout includes some partner exercises that you can do with your fiance, brother, or soon-to-be sister in law! And while this workout can be done at a house, hotel room, or park, add a gorgeous view to your workout by doing it at one of these three Charleston-gems: Brittle Bank Park, Colonial Lake, Waterfront Park. 

ct - 173.jpg

1 hour – Total Body Bridal Workout

(Slightly modified workout originally written by Whitney English, blogger for POPSUGAR Select Fitness and published in To Live & Diet in LA)

Warm up: Perform exercises 1-4 sequentially, without rest in between. 

1.     Jog (5 minutes)

2.     Alternating Toe Touch (30 seconds)

3.     Single Leg Swing (30 seconds/side)

4.     Hand Walkouts (1 minute) 

Cardio Circuit: Perform exercises 1-5 sequentially, then take a 1-minute break, and repeat the circuit once. 

1.     Jumping Jacks – 1 minute 

2.     High Knees – 30 seconds

3.     Butt Kicks – 30 seconds 

4.     Squat Jumps – 30 seconds

5.     Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds 

Lower Body Strength Circuit: Perform exercises 1-5 sequentially, then take a 1-minute break, and repeat the circuit once. 

1.     Backward Lunges – 1 minute/side + 15 second pulse

2.     Plie Squats with Overhead Arm Raise – 1 minute 

3.     Squat hold + Punch – 30 seconds 

4.     Squat hold + Side Stretch – 30 seconds

5.     Standing Side Crunch – 1 minute/side

Upper Body Strength Circuit: Perform exercises 1-3 sequentially, then take a 1-minute break, and repeat the circuit once.

1.     10 Pushups

2.     20 Rotating T-planks

3.     30 Tricep Dips 

Partner Challenge: Perform exercises 1-5 sequentially once, then take a 1-minute break. 

1.     Sprint to a spot + back, then partner goes

2.     Repeat with side skips

3.     Repeat with full skips 

4.     Repeat with a backward jog 

5.     Repeat with a final sprint 

Abs Circuit: Perform exercises 1-3 sequentially once, rest for 15 seconds, and repeat all 3 exercises sequentially once. 

1.     Slow Bicycles – 30 seconds

2.     Leg lifts – 30 seconds

3.     Russian twists – 30 seconds 

With partner: Perform exercises 1-3 sequentially once, rest for 15 seconds, and repeat all 3 exercises sequentially once. 

1.     Plank with high five – 30 seconds 

2.     Crunch with high five – 30 seconds 

3.     Back to back side plank – 30 seconds/side 

Plank Challenge: 

-      See who can hold a plank for longest!