Planning Tip Tuesday: Snap Chat Geofilters

A fun, personable way to include everyone from bridesmaids to guests on your wedding day, is to add a snapchat geofilter! Snapchat has upped their game since their debut in 2011, and have released many options such as sending videos, adding colored filters, and decorating your snap with writing and stickers. Geofilters add a special border to the moment that you capture, and can include anything from captions, to dates, and even bitmojis! They can be professional, romantic, or even silly.  Choosing to add a geofilter can add a super fun way to capture all of your special moments from many different perspectives. 


So now that you decided to use a snapchat geofilter, where to begin? It’s actually very simple and user friendly to design and launch your geofilter. Snapchat provides a website that takes you step by step on how to create your filter. Make sure you are using a laptop or desktop when designing, it is not mobile friendly. 

Once you get comfy with your cup of coffee or tea at your computer, time to log onto snapchat's website and begin creating your masterpiece! Snapchat will allow you to choose your geofilter type; such as celebrations, love, and of course weddings! Once you choose your type, you can choose some of the pre-made frames or borders and then add colorful text, stickers, or even your bitmoji! After you are done designing, all you have to do is choose the dates and location of your geofilter and you're done! Snapchat will approve your geofilter within a day or so, but other than that it is a pretty easy and fun process to add that personalized touch to your wedding!