Planning Tip Tuesday: Wedding Guest Gift Guide

For Planning Tip Tuesday we are talking about the do's and don'ts for giving wedding gifts and all things registries.

-Mail your gift! If the couple is having a destination wedding, mailing the gift is the best way to go. They are likely flying into the city, and going on their honeymoon immediately following, so mailing their gift will make sure it gets to them and they won't have to carry it with them as they travel (especially if it is a bigger item). 

-Link your registries on your wedding website, but opt for no more than 3! There are so many registries to choose from, so having variety is great but having too much variety can be overwhelming to your guests. 

-Offer low, medium, and high price points so everyone can find something that works within their budget. 

-Stick to the registry! Couples spend hours upon hours picking out every item on their registry, so sticking to the registry will ensure they are getting what they need for their new home. 


Zola is an awesome option for all your wedding registry needs! Thank you for partnering with us on this post!