Fabulous Friday: Why Chairs Are So Important

Today we are doing a guest blog with photographer, Dana Cubbage, on why chairs are so important to your wedding design! Your reception chairs are in every photo whether it be details, first dance, speeches, you name it! With that being said, this is definitely a place we encourage our couples to splurge as they have a huge impact on the overall design. We asked Dana why she thought chairs were so important and she replied, "I honestly think chairs are the unsung hero of the wedding design!  They play such an important role, yet they are often overlooked. Choosing the right chair is vital – the wrong chair can ruin a beautiful design.  On the flip side, a beautiful chair can elevate a so-so design. " Coming from a photographers stand point, it is important to understand how they can change the overall look + feel of your wedding design. Dana says, "As a general rule, a light colored chair will help make your reception space feel light + airy.  A dark chair will do the opposite. A chivari chair will give your space an elegant feel, whereas a wooden X-back chair will give you a more rustic feel." Thanks Dana, we couldn't agree more!


Photos by Dana Cubbage Weddings