Planning Tip Tuesday: How To Get Published

How to get published in the eyes of the talented Aaron and Jillian Photography! We asked A+J for their top 5 tips and tricks to get your photos featured! 

1.      Publishers LOVE bridal details, so make these good!!  We always bring a neutral linen lined 2ft x 3ft board (that we made – easy peasy) and photograph almost all of the bride’s details on this board!  It keeps the photos consistent in appearance & light and publishers love that!


2.      Edit your photos with consistency!!  Decide what your overall feel will be for the wedding day and when taking photos that day, try your best to keep your backgrounds and light as consistent as possible in the photos you plan to submit!  IF you want to go light and bright, make sure all of the photos you take that you’d like to submit have a light and bright backdrop!  If you want to go more dark and moody, make sure you chose darker, more moody backdrops and lighting situations!  They key is for your photos to tell a consistent story of the day!


3.      Shoot vertically!!  For whatever reason, editors LOVE vertical photos!  … and so do we!  We consistently have to remind ourselves to turn our cameras to get some horizontal shots throughout wedding days! So when shooting photos you know you’ll want to submit, shoot vertical!


4.      Publishers LOVE décor shots, so make sure you set aside time for these!!  Aaron and I work really hard to set aside one full hour to shoot the décor on wedding days! When shooting the décor, we do all sort of things to enhance what’s in the photo! And when there are really unique wedding details, we make sure to take LOTS of different angles of it to make sure we snapped a perfect shot to submit! Remember that they’re not just looking for “gorgeous wedding photos”, they’re looking for a few great portraits of the couple, a few beautiful photos of the guests and a BUNCH of gorgeous, never before seen, detail photos!


5.      Watch your backgrounds!!  Light is KEY in a great detail photo, but so is the background!  If you can turn a detail in a different direction so you don’t have, let’s say, a bright red “EXIT” sign in the background, go ahead and turn it!  You’ll be so happy you did, and so will the editors of whatever magazine or blog you submit to!


Photography by Aaron and Jillian