Fabulous Friday: Four Wedding Myths Unveiled

Do this. Do that. Go here. Go there. Oh, and one more thing...keep your sanity.

As a bride-to-be, you know the struggle all too well. You and your groom discuss the details of your wedding for months on end. Color palettes, cake styles, venue details, the in-law's lodging, the guest list, wedding favors and the list goes on. Your only dream is for your big day to be the most memorable, romantic day of your life. But, what if all your wedding worries are coming from a misconception or myth of what you're supposed to do? We have good news that may relieve some of the wedding stress.

  1. You have to invite everyone you know, including your third cousin you haven't talked to since Christmas '05. Yes, you want to include as many people as possible. But, stick with your gut and invite people based on these considerations: The size of the venue, the people who have been consistently by your side in the past and will be in the future, and limit how many people can bring a guest. The numbers add up quickly.
  2. Weddings are always so expensive. If you want it to be, yes. But, thanks to our best friends Pinterest and DIY ideas, you and your groom can gather affordable wedding ideas that are breathtaking and won't break the bank. Trust your planner to guide you in this on where to cut and splurge! 
  3. Your wedding is about the entire family just as it is the bride and groom. Pure Luxe Bride 100% values the family aspect of weddings. Two families becoming one - how beautiful! However, trying to meet expectations and process the opinions of family members can tremendously add to stress levels. The bride and groom are the only people saying "I do" at the altar. Bride and groom, it is your wedding.
  4. Wedding planning is way too stressful. I can't even. You've got that right. It is stressful. But the reward of marrying your best friend is worth every moment of planning. There are many ways to soothe stress during the planning process. Some tips include using essential oils to calm anxious feelings, eating healthy, working out daily, and surrounding yourself with people that encourage and uplift you.

At Pure Luxe Bride, we want to encourage our soon-to-be newlyweds to enjoy the ride. Afterall, how many times in your life will you truly be able to throw an amazing celebration as this?! Your wedding is going to be the best day of your life. Avoid the misconceptions, myths, and fears we've all heard and known for years. Focus on what's most important and remember that these are joyful times. Here's to the first day of the rest of your lives.

Photo by Aaron and Jillian Photography 

Photo by Aaron and Jillian Photography