Fabulous Friday: You're Speaking My Love Language

We all love differently. Some people might agree that a box of chocolates and roses are necessary every day - not just on cupid's day. Others may suggest that love is shown by a massage after a 12-hour shift at the office. Perhaps a kind act, like washing the dishes after a tasty, home cooked dinner, is enough to say "I love you."

As you and your loved one approach the big celebration day, creating space to make quality time with each other is a must. Stress levels are high and opinions are coming in left and right from family members, friends, and that one co-worker who seems to have an answer for everything. But, you and your future spouse are a power team ready to take on the planning and adventures together.

As the saying goes, "There's no 'i' in team." You and your soon-to-be bride or groom can hit the finishing touches by being sure the two of you are on your A game by receiving the much needed affection from one another.

Here are some ways you both can silence the background noise and de-clutter the anxious thoughts that may ruminate in your minds as the big day approaches:

  • Sleep. This seems like common sense, but it is often missed. Getting enough sleep will create room for sound thoughts and positivity within your relationship.
  • Take the road less traveled. Find a new path or location to go for walks with one another. Establish at least one day a week to go on a morning or afternoon walk.
  • Sync up with an awesome playlist. Music is powerful. Take advantages of creating a playlist that you both can enjoy in preparation for the wedding. Who knows? You might even use it at the wedding!
  • Ask questions. And ask more, and more, and more. You know your soon-to-be spouse very well, but there's always room for growth. You may be surprised at the wonderful details you find out that can enhance everything from your vows to simply knowing an interesting detail about your best friend.
  • Turn towards each other; not away. This is a busy time for you both. Work, answering questions from family, contacting your wedding planners at Pure Luxe Bride to cover all the bases, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, all while trying to keep a positive mindset. With everything going on, arguments may erupt. But, when they do, don't leave the other half behind. Refresh, regroup, and you both will come out stronger on the other end. 

As you embark on your journey into the exciting world of marriage, reflect on how you can build one another up. Get to know your groom's love language. Understand your bride's specific needs for affection. 

Photo by Monika Gauthier 

Photo by Monika Gauthier