Fabulous Friday: 10 Things Not to Say to the Bride

There's no doubt about it: Weddings are exciting, exhilarating, and thrilling. The engagement announcement, the planning process, and then *BOOM!* the wedding day has arrived. With all the stirring of emotions and racing thoughts about the soon-to-be-newlyweds, it can be easy for friends and family to slip, let's just say, uninvited words to the bride.

Photo by Aaron and Jillian 

Photo by Aaron and Jillian 

A simple phrase or question can erupt a ton of stress for a bride or groom. Loved ones certainly have the right to share how they feel and, in some cases, it is very necessary for them to do so. But the following phrases are better left unsaid. Trust us.

  1. "Have you checked the weather" Under no circumstances, do not bring up the weather to the bride or groom as the wedding day approaches. We can promise you, they have been checking the weather every day, reading the farmers almanac, and burying the bourbon. Asking them about the weather will just add stress to an already stressful situation. Instead, be positive, bring a rain jacket, and embrace the weather-rain or shine! 
  2. "How much was your dress?" In most cases, a lot. Just assume that the bride spent the amount she thought it was worth. Unless you paid for the dress, this information is normally irrelevant anyways. Tell her how truly beautiful she looks in her gown and keep the financial portion unsaid. Another question to avoid on this topic "Is that the dress". If there is something you don't favor about the brides dress choice, consider rephrasing the question by asking what her favorite pieces are about the dress as you may be surprised to see the small details that made her fall in love. 
  3. "Are you worried he'll get cold feet?" With this question, you might as well find the nearest exit. No matter how long the bride dated her groom prior to the wedding, scenarios of things going awry have crossed her mind. She doesn't need other people to add anxious, irrational thoughts to her racing mind.
  4. "Can you both afford that?" Hm, give us a minute while we let the bride and groom look at their budget. Again, unless you are a loved one who swiped your credit card in the purchase of an item for the wedding, financial concerns do not apply to you. Mention the pieces that you like about the wedding and leave it there.
  5. "I don't want to wear that." Bridesmaids, as much as you want to look your best on one of the biggest days of bestie's life, let us remind you that this is her big day. If she finds a set of bridesmaids dresses that she adores, pick your right size and wear your bridesmaid dress with your shoulders rolled back and a full smile on.  
  6. "You're so young to be getting married." As if there's only one certain age you should get married. When two people are willing to commit to one another in love, encourage it. Love is one of the greatest gifts; don't let your own rules take away from the joy of others.
  7. "Your wedding has cost me a lot to attend." Or, in other words, "Bride and Groom, I need a check written out to me after you take care of all your other expenses." If your finances were affected by attending the wedding, keep that between your bank and employer; not the bride and groom. Countless hours of planning have gone into the wedding day to make it a fun experience for their guests. 
  8. "Wow! You're getting married finally." This is a nice punch to the gut. If there was any way to get uninvited from a wedding, this would be it. It not only belittles the bride, but takes away from the pure excitement of finding your forever love. No matter the age of a bride when she marries, true love is worth the wait.
  9. "Stop being a bridezilla." Oh, honey, you haven't even met her. You've just only awakened her. Absolutely do not, we repeat, do not say this to the bride. When she is overwhelmed, love her through it. Maybe she needs space or to simply rest. While she's at it, pour a glass of prosecco for her and maybe have some tasty goodies on hand. Champagne and dark chocolate are a cure for almost anything. At least that's what we like to think. 
  10. "Hopefully [insert ex's name here] isn't coming." And even if he or she is coming to the wedding, it's not your place to manage invitations. Whoever is at the wedding, act with dignity, walk with class, and let the dancing keep you from awkward conversations with the less-than-desirable guest.
Photo by Virgil Bunao 

Photo by Virgil Bunao