Planning Tip Tuesday: Our Advice for the Little Ones

Having a ring bearer or flower girl walk down the aisle proudly, shyly, or filled with the giggles, is wedding entertainment in its cutest and purest form. We've come up with 10 tips that will ensure you have an all-round positive experience with your tiny guests on your big day. 

  1. Be conscious of age – The younger you go, the more difficult it will be to give your little helpers direction and to anticipate their behavior.
  2. Attach fake rings to your ring bearer’s pillow and give your maid of honor or best man the real ones.
  3. No one breaks a pinky promise – Entwine pinkies over a big rainbow swirl lollipop (or anything small and simple that you know your flower girl and ring bearer love) in exchange for their help.
  4. Decide ahead of time if you want them to sit or stay standing during the actual ceremony.
  5. Have a parent, grandparent, or familiar face sit close to the front and closest to the aisle. This will be a source of comfort and encouragement for the little ones to walk towards if confusion, fear, or nerves kick in.
  6. Prevent grumpiness by having them come to the venue later in the day so that they are well rested and fed.
  7. Dress them at the last minute – a white dress and mini tuxedo may not be so clean after the kids have explored all the secret hideouts of your venue.
  8. Hype up their job. Kids love to be a part of what’s exclusive, so let them know how special and important their role is.
  9. Don’t expect the rehearsal of the ceremony to be the same as the wedding – 99% of the time it’s not.
  10. But on that note, why hope for “the same” on a day that is so uniquely different? Our biggest tip: embrace every deviation to the plan that your tiny guests surprise you with on your big day. The magic of having a flower girl or ring bearer is that their cuteness overrides any deviation, we pinky promise.