Planning Tip Tuesday: Including Those Not in the Party

We know how difficult it can be to choose who will be in your wedding party but still wanting to honor those special people in your life. To make sure no one is left out, we’ve come up with some ideas to include those not in the party on your special day! There are still many roles that need to be filled in order to have a successful day!

Photo by Monika Gauthier

Photo by Monika Gauthier

 1.    Reserve one-two rows at the front of the ceremony for close friends and family. Being closer to you will make them feel valuable and loved.

Including Those Not in the Party.png

2.  See if they would be willing to help greet your guests or usher guests to their seats. 

3. Another way to involve your loved ones is by asking them to have a speaking part during the ceremony! If there are scriptures, see if they would be willing to read a passage for you. If they are musically inclined, ask them to play or sing a song.

4. If someone special in your life has children, ask for them to be a flower girl or ring bearer.


5. Ask them to give a speech at the rehearsal dinner or wedding.

6. Include special guests in a family photo list to honor your relationship and make them feel important.

Regardless of where they sit, or what role they play, remember that everyone is here because they love you. And while it may be tough choosing who is in your party, there are ways to include all of those close friends and family! Today is your day and your guests are there for you, so don’t stress about a part for everyone, being a guest is an honor in itself!