Planning Tip Tuesday: Pre-Wedding Day Details

The countdown has begun! To make sure your wedding day is as stress free and relaxed as possible, we have compiled a list to ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly. Follow these tips to make the most out of your day!

  1. Clean your ring! Your ring will be showcased to your guests all night and forever in photos, so be sure it sparkles!

  2. Make sure both of your overnight bags are packed and ready to go! Lingerie, toothbrush, cell phone charger…all the essentials. You will be thankful this is already done and packed in the car for departure!

  3. Day-of-items. Stationary, seating chart, guest book, picture frames, ceremony programs, cake toppers, etc. Have all day-of-items organized and clearly labeled at the ceremony rehearsal. Use a detailed checklist to ensure everything is accounted for before the wedding day!

  4. Tipping. Set aside tips for the vendors to show your appreciation! We recommend having separate envelopes labeled for each vendor to distribute at the end of the night

  5. Pamper yourself! Self care is always important, but make sure all beauty maintenance is done the week before your wedding! Manicure, pedicure, spray tan, eye brow waxing, etc. We all know the mishaps that can happen the day-of grooming, so take care of yourself in advance! Don’t try out any new treatments the week of the wedding (or even that month) because there is always a possibility that you could have a bad reaction!

  6. Dress Steaming. Make sure that all of the wedding attire is steamed and wrinkle free! This includes the bridesmaids getting ready robes and groomsmen outfits.

  7. Practice Vows. Make sure to practice your vows whether they are handwritten or ‘standard’ vows, be familiar with the words and keeping a steady pace. Don’t wait until the last minute!

  8. Obtain marriage license.

  9. Prep Gifts. If you are giving gifts to the bridal party, fiance, and/or parents; make sure everything is wrapped and organized. Make sure to write handwritten notes in advance.

  10. Rest, Hydrate, Relax, and Breathe!

Photography by The Happy Bloom