Fabulous Friday: The Black Tux

Being a groom means all eyes are on you, so make sure you look good doing it! Whether you, or all of your groomsmen, are in need of a tuxedo for the big day, The Black Tux is here to help ! We have teamed up with The Black Tux to help all the men with their tuxedo rental needs. Like The Black Tux says, “Renting a suit is finally easy.” They have made renting a tux possible in just four simple steps!


Choosing your style. You have the option to chose from stylist-completed looks or design your own custom look!

Getting the perfect fit. After answering a few questions, stylists will be able to use your information to custom fit your suit for you! They have a range of styles from timeless to modern.

Trying it on. You will receive the tuxes two weeks before the event. If it isn’t the perfect fit, they will ship you a new one before you can even stress about it!

Show it off. Once the tux fits perfectly, show it off on your big day for all guests to see! After your event, just send it back in the box they provide. Shipping is free!


We’ve partnered with The Black Tux to give our clients a discount, so be sure to reach out to PLB for more information!