Planning Tip Tuesday: How To Get Published

For today’s blog post, we are excited to be doing a guest blog with The Happy Bloom! They are sharing how to get your wedding published in the eye of a photographer and we couldn’t agree more with what they have to say! It is so important to keep these things in mind to make sure your wedding stands out against the rest! See below their top 6 tips!

  1. Bouquets- Make sure your florist trims your bouquet stems as much as possible. You should barely be able to see them or not at all.

  2. Cake-Stay away from having a white cake. Think color, pattern, or texture. Do something cool and new!

  3. We love blush but think of a way to change it up. Maybe add in an interesting accent color or pattern to to your wedding day design.


4. Have plates or chargers on your tables. Even if you have stations, still have a plate or charger pre-set on the table. A reception table will feel empty in photos without a plate to ground it.

5. Cool seating charts! There’s more than just calligraphy on mirrors. Pinterest has tons of awesome options out there.

6. Stay away from garland table runners. Trade the greenery for big blooms and unique vases!


All photography courtesy of The Happy Bloom