Planning Tip Tuesday: How to Properly Put in a Veil

We have this question come up a lot, so today we are teaching how to put a veil in properly. First of all, if you don't know, ask! Your planner or hair stylist will be able to assist. The last thing you want is the bride's veil falling out during her walk down the aisle. Be sure to know where the bride wants the veil placed; crown of the head or lower at the base or back of head. This will certainly depend on her hair style as well! 

How to insert the veil: 

  1. Hold the comb upside down with the teeth of the comb angled towards your face (with the rounded inside facing upwards).
  2. Rotate the comb backwards so the rounded part is against your head, and the teeth are now facing down.
  3. Slide the comb into the hair until it feels secure 
  4. Secure the comb using bobby pins, wiggle the veil to make sure it does not move and is anchored to the head.  
  5. You're done! 

Planning Tip Tuesday: Best Charleston Engagement Photo Spots

When it comes to Charleston, there is no shortage of beautiful scenery, so sometimes it can be difficult to choose a location for your Charleston engagement photos. Whether looking for gorgeous waterfront venues, or historic homes, there are tons of options to choose from, so we've complied a list of our top 5.

Downtown Charleston

Cobblestone streets, palm trees and colorful homes, you can't beat the gorgeous scenery of downtown Charleston. After all, you chose this beautiful city as a destination wedding location for a reason, right? Show it off to your guests in your engagement pictures!

Photography by: Monika Gauthier


Another one of South Carolina's beautiful islands, Edisto will not disappoint. With beautiful marshes and huge driftwood on the beach, you'll definitely fall in love all over again (and again).

Photography By: Hyer Images

Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall is gorgeous. But if you've seen The Notebook, you already know that. We love engagement sessions at Boone Hall because of its simple, southern elegance.


Photography By: Dana Cubbage

Lowndes Grove Plantation

If you're in Charleston, visiting a plantation is a MUST, and Lowndes Grove is no exception. This beautiful historic house with a stunning waterfront view is the perfect scene for an engagement session.

Photography By: Dana Cubbage

Folly Beach

Folly Beach might not come to mind when you are thinking about engagement session in Charleston, but it will surely change your mind. We love these dreamy engagement pictures because of the calm, nautical feel they bring!

Photography By: Dana Cubbage

Planning Tip Tuesday: RSVP Etiquette

The rules of wedding traditions are constantly changing and evolving, but today we are talking about why a paper wedding RSVP is still the way to go! While technology is making an easy outlet for guests to RSVP online, we still think you should stay true to tradition on this one, hear us out! First, its proper etiquette, and guests will be expecting an RSVP card alongside your beautiful invitation. If there are guests who are not tech-savy or are a member of the older generation, they may have trouble RSVP'ing online or not do it at all. People are more likely to send it  in the mail when they are provided with a tangible card and postage vs remembering to get on the computer. The less people you have to call and check up on the better, trust us! Lastly, it's way more exciting to get the reply's via snail mail in the midst of all the wedding planning! Enjoy the thrill of checking the mail each day and getting so excited each time you open an RSVP from a loved one! Plus, as lovers of all things paper, we just think these cards are adorable and make your invitation suite that much better! 

Don't forget- when choosing an RSVP date, make sure it's at least 5 weeks out from your big day! Final counts are often due by the 1 month out mark, so this will give you an opportunity to follow up before it's due!


Planning Tip Tuesday: Countdown to the big day!

As the wedding day gets closer and closer, we know that the stress can start to build when it comes to remembering the little things leading up to the day! When packing up for the big day, here are some things you won't want to forget! 

1.)Marriage License

Make sure that you have everything squared away with your Marriage License. After all, that's what all this planning was for anyway! Just remember that there is a $70.00 fee for the license, and a 24 hour waiting period before the license can be picked up.

2.) Get your dress steamed

Don't let there be a single wrinkle in your gorgeous white gown on the big day! Get your dress steamed a couple of days before or the day-of the wedding and you will look perfect walking down that aisle.

3.) Set aside vendor tips

Go ahead and set aside your tips for each of the vendors that you loved working with! We recommend placing each tip in a separate envelope with the vendor noted. You can hand over the tips over to our team when we meet the week-of and we'll make sure they get distributed at the end of the night! 

4.) Stay hydrated!

We know that you will have champagne in hand, but make sure you bring plenty of water for yourself and bridal party. You will want to make sure you stay hydrated so that you can enjoy the rest of the night headache-free!

Photos by Hyer Images

Fabulous Friday: Rescue Flats

No matter what you note on the invitation, your guests might not always pick the most appropriate shoe option to wear on your big day. Regardless, after a night on the dancefloor, high heels start to take its toll! We have found the perfect solution for you! Rescue Flats is the creator of luxury wedding flats which are faux leather, waterproof, scuff proof, and fold-able to fit in any purse! They have extra padding for extreme comfort and will compliment any outfit so your guests will want to wear them again. Rescue flats is the perfect way to save those dancing feet, while also doubling as a favor! The flats are sold in 60 piece easy to display couture boxes, and each box contains a variety of sizes and colors. Your guests will love you for their adorable new shoes and all night comfort!

Planning Tip Tuesday: Choosing the Right Hotels

So, we've reached the one year out mark and it's time to start looking for the perfect hotel for your guests to stay during your wedding weekend. As Charleston is a tourist destination, the possibilities are endless!... and overwhelming. When looking for the best options here are a few things to consider:

1.) Three is the Key!

We recommend choosing three hotels MAX! One in each price range; low, medium, and high. This will give your guests plenty of variety to choose from when booking their room. Limiting the choices to three hotels will also reduce the stress when coordinating other pieces of the wedding such as transportation. 


2.) Block vs. Preferred Rate

Whats the difference? Well, when the hotel offers you a block of rooms they are offering to hold a certain number of rooms for your guests to book until a particular cut off date. At this date, the rooms will be released back into the hotel inventory for anyone to reserve. Most hotels will start with a block of 10 rooms reserved for your guests. We promise, this is plenty! In the event that all 10 rooms are filled, is is an option to add more rooms to the block at a later date. When the hotel offers a preferred rate, they are offering the rooms at a discount. However, they are not actually holding any rooms and the booking is based upon first come first serve.


3.) Financially Obligated? No thank you! 

Let's put it this way, why would you pay for something that isn't being used? When a hotel offers you a block of rooms but you are financially obligated for rooms that are not filled or a percentage, we recommend steering clear of this hotel. No matter how many guests you believe will be staying at the hotel, you can never guarantee it! At the end of the day, you do not want to be paying for a number of empty rooms. Be sure to double check on the hotel's policy before moving forward. All of the hotels that Pure Luxe Bride recommends are obligation free!

Planning Tip Tuesday: Your Pre-Wedding Tasting

What's a wedding reception without dinner and drinks?! Selecting the cuisine that will be served at your wedding is a crucial step in the planning process. To make the most of your tasting appointments, we have some helpful tips for you to keep in mind...

1. Stay on Budget: Don't tease yourself by booking a tasting with a caterer who you know is way over your budget. Research caterers that you know you can afford, and move on from there. Also, trust your planner when they are recommending vendors to you; they have your best interest at heart, and know which caterers will fit with your taste and style. Delicious fare and excellent service is sure to follow!

2. Compromise: Opposites attract! You and your husband-to-be might not see eye to eye on just what provisions will be at your wedding, but fear not; your caterer will work with you to compromise and create flavors that the both of you will enjoy. If your groom is dead-set on a chicken biscuit appetizer, and you're sold on a mini tomato tart, get the best of both worlds and serve the chicken biscuit as a yummy late-night treat and have your mini tomato tart as a passed hors d'oeuvre. 

3. Speak Up: It's your tasting, so don't be afraid to speak up if you don't particularly enjoy certain ingredients, or if you want to make modifications to the dish! The chef will do their best to work with you to create a meal you'll remember forever. Also, keep your options open so that you can make an informed decision, and don't be afraid to ask your planner for their input as well!

4. Be adventurous: Don't be afraid to step out of the box! Tastings are the time to try new things and you might be pleasantly surprised by a new dish! Your guests will be expecting the standard carving station, so surprise them with a unique southern cuisine! Create a menu that represents you as a couple... put a spin on the region your from or a special meal from the night of your engagement! 

Grab your eating pants and get tasting - the options are endless!

 monikagauthier_styledshoot-065 Stephanie+Chad-LowndesGroveWeddingbyAaronandJillianPhotography-607 Legare Waring House Wedding monikagauthier_styledshoot-145 __Julie_Livingston_Photography_julielivingstonphotography3707MagnoliaPlantationWedding_AnitaShawn-482

chicken & waffles


Planning Tip Tuesday: Cake Cutting Songs

Cake cutting songs are a great transition into the dancing portion of the night or a perfect time to pick a slower song for other couples to enjoy. The cake cutting is a way to incorporate a sweet song for you and the groom - maybe your runner up song for your first dance or another song that's special to the two of you. We've found that while many brides are opting out of a traditional wedding cake and having a smaller cutting cake with mini desserts they still enjoy the tradition of cutting and eating their first slice together.  We've compiled our top 10 favorite cake cutting songs: 

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2015

1. "Better Together" by Jack Johnson

2. "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz

3. "Grow Old with You" by Adam Sandler

4. "All You Need is Love" by The Beatles

5. "You and Me" by Dave Matthews


6. "Marry You" by Bruno Mars 

7. "How Sweet It Is" by James Taylor

8. "Build Me Up Buttercup" by The Foundations

9.  "Sugar" by Maroon 5

10. "The Sweetest Thing" by U2


Charleston Rehearsal Dinner Venues

When hosting your destination wedding in beautiful Charleston SC, what better way to welcome your guests then a rehearsal dinner in one of Charleston's best restaurants? The rehearsal dinner is a great way to meet and greet your guests and show them a warm southern style welcome complete with the best food in the city! We've compiled a list of our favorite rehearsal dinner locations to help make the decision a little easier! All of the options listed below have private locations to host your gathering or are available for a restaurant buy out and make for perfect Charleston rehearsal dinner venues.


Cypress, housed in a historic two-story building on East Bay Street in downtown Charleston. Cypress offers a private dining room that can accommodate up to 75 guests. The room can easily be transformed into two smaller dining rooms for as few as 16 guests to offer a more intimate setting. With its own kitchen, the Cypress culinary staff is able to provide your group with the Cypress dining experience.

cypress restaurant

Virginia's On King

The Upstairs at Virginia’s dining room is completely separated from the downstairs dining room. Purposely designed to host small receptions, rehearsal dinners and bridal luncheons, Upstairs at Virginia’s is your ideal local for your special occasion! Classic Charleston influenced interior and the aromas of home cooking inspire all of the comforts of a traditional Southern kitchen, the perfect setting for hosting any of your events.


39 Rue De Jean

The Upstairs at Rue event space offers a private dining room that can be transformed to host your event, accommodating up to 200 guests. This unique space, overlooking Upper King street, features vaulted ceilings, exposed brick and a private entrance. Upstairs at 39 Rue de Jean is located in the heart of Downtown Charleston. The venue maintains the charm of the city’s historic architecture while allowing the versatility to create an atmosphere appropriate for your special event.

rue de jean

High Cotton 

In the heart of historic downtown Charleston, High Cotton is the ultimate setting for distinctive wedding events. With its blend of Southern style and sophistication, High Cotton takes wedded celebrations, rehearsal dinners, receptions and luncheons to new heights. High Cotton offers three distinctive private dining rooms.

high cotton


Fish, located in Downtown Charleston on King Street, offers two dining rooms for your event, the Alcove and the Second Floor Dining room. The Alcove is nestled adjacent to our downstairs bar area. This warm space is a perfect backdrop for casual dining groups of up to 25. Fish’s new second floor dining space offers flexible seating for up to 70 seated guests. The piazza offers additional gathering space, with views of the interior courtyard and Upper King Street. Guests also enjoy a private bar area.

fish restaurant


With its premiere location in historic downtown Charleston SC, Stars is an exceptional event venue for private dining events, bridal showers, weddings, or rehearsal dinners. Whether you are hosting a formal evening affair, luncheon or casual rooftop gathering under the stars, we offer customized menus for parties as few as 15 to as many as 140. Our event specialists will work alongside you to ensure every detail is exactly how you imagined.


Charleston Distilling

Located on King Street, this  independent, small batch distillery creates handcrafted spirits for people who care about how things are made. Using only hand-selected grains, they mill, mash, ferment, distill, age, blend, and bottle – bringing the highest quality spirits from the farm to you. Their event space can handle large crowds and allows outside catering. 


Butcher & Bee

At Butcher & Bee, we lovingly craft sandwiches using time-honored preparation techniques. We source the finest local ingredients the region has to offer, our ever-changing menu is both adventurous and familiar.

butcher and bee

The Alley

The Alley Charleston is not just a bowling alley; it’s a one-stop entertainment hub that has excellent food and beverage options. The space is bright, open and expansive and has whimsical design elements that add to the flavor and entertainment already offered. The Alley offers to event spaces the Upstairs Mezzanine that can hold 40-100 guests, and the Bowling Bar space that holds 20-40 guests.

the alley

The American Theater

It’s no surprise that one of the country’s most beloved and historic cities is home to an Art Deco gem like The American Theater. Today, this stylish event venue on Upper King Street sets the stage for life's greatest scenes, from weddings and dinner receptions to business seminars and corporate retreats. Entertain a crowd beneath the handmade milk-glass chandeliers of the grand ballroom, or treat your guests to a private film sceening inside our quintessential, stadium-seat cinema. 


High Wire Distillery

Located in the heart of historic downtown Charleston, SC, High Wire Distilling Company is dedicated to making premium, handcrafted, small batch spirits. Spacious with a vintage industrial feel, the Production Area features a 20ft high, barreled ceiling and a beautiful, hand-hammered, copper still as a focal point.  Abundant natural light and racks of wooden barrels create an excellent atmosphere for entertaining up to 150 guests.

high wire


The Upper Level Gallery offers two elegant dining rooms located directly above Magnolias restaurant. With a separate entrance on historic Lodge Alley leading to a spiral staircase and lounge area, these private rooms are the ideal venue for your next event. The Wine Room can accommodate up to 36 guests and features a beautiful bay window overlooking Charleston's historic district. Alternatively, the Primrose Room comfortably seats 85 with French doors and balconies overlooking Lodge Alley and its neighboring courtyard. The rooms may be reserved separately or together, and are handicap-accessible.


Charleston Place Palmetto Café

Giant glass windows bring the outside inside in this dramatic garden-style setting. Dine al fresco in the lush courtyard, perfect for enjoying the Holy City’s ideal weather. The Palmetto Cafe combines the very best of American Lowcountry cuisine with the freshest ingredients.

charleston place palmetto cafe

Edmund's Oast

The restaurant can accommodate 130 guests inside with seating at the expansive bar, communal tables, and plush booths throughout. Diners can also sit at the chef’s counter and get an up-close view of the action in the open kitchen. Outside, The Bower accommodates 100 seated and 200 standing for cocktail receptions under the newly opened temperature control structure. There is also a smaller covered area—Edmund’s Patio—perfect for more intimate dinners and functions.


The Westendorff

The Main Floor contains our full service restaurant with covered patio. The second floor is a large banquet space, with dining room and piazza. It serves as both an event space and a reservations only, family style dining area for groups. The third and fourth floors are beautifully furnished two-bedroom apartment with piazza and chef's kitchen. It is available for short-term rentals or full service events. The large kitchen island seats 9 and is ideal for private dinners, cooking demonstrations, birthday parties, chef’s tastings, etc. while the wide porch is an ideal place for cocktails. 



Poogans Porch

Tucked away on charming Queen Street in downtown Charleston, Poogan’s Porch is one of Charleston’s oldest independent culinary establishments, with a fresh approach to Lowcountry cuisine. This beautifully-restored Victorian house offers the ideal setting for wedding-related activities – from bridal luncheons to rehearsal dinners and receptions.


Planning Tip Tuesday: Place Cards

We love getting creative with place card ideas! This is a chance to incorporate a fun detail or let it double as a favor for your guests. You can choose to display them in a fun way, or have a seating chart with each place card at the guests seat. Choose something other than the traditional tented paper place card and allow it to show your personality. This is the easiest way to make your wedding unique and stand out from the rest! See some of our favorites below! 




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