Planning Tip Tuesday: Bridal Luncheon

We frequently get asked about locations for bridal luncheons so we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of some of our favorite lunch spots to enjoy with your ladies. We have broken it down into two categories, a quick and casual setting verse a longer, more formal dining experience. Grab your girlfriends and kick off the wedding weekend with a ladies lunch to celebrate the bride to be!

Photo: The Happy Bloom

Photo: The Happy Bloom


Halls Chophouse
High Cotton
Palmetto Cafe
Henrietta’s at The Dewberry
Chez Nous

Fast Casual:

Basic Kitchen
39 Rue De Jean
Le Farfalle
Cru Cafe

Wingate Plantation: Haley + Austin

Tracing back to their small town roots, Haley and Austin said their vows at Wingate Plantation which was the perfect spot for their intimate elopement. The vast lowcountry and draping oaks welcomed in the newlyweds and their loved ones with open arms. Wingate was covered with warm breezes and bright sunshine as Haley and Austin prepared for the big day. Haley and Austin said their vows underneath the large plantation oak with a beautiful mantle, and a bounty of beautiful florals to fill the space. We loved the pops of yellow and peach in her flowers, it was the perfect palette for spring!

Venue | Wingate Plantation
Wedding Planning | Pure Luxe Bride
Cake | Sablee
Photographer | Catherine Ann
Hair/Makeup | Pampered and Pretty
Florist | Flora

Planning Tip Tuesday: RSVP Etiquette

If you have ever hosted a shower, dinner party, wedding, or any type of event, then you know the importance of an RSVP. RSVP is of french origin and it stands for répondez s'il vous plaît, which literally means, 'please respond'. When you receive an invitation, please take the time to respond in a timely manner, and before the deadline. A successful event relies heavily on the guest count, so the host is patiently awaiting your response. Unless the RSVP says 'regrets only', then you are still expected to respond yes or no, either way. Please find below some of our tips for RSVP Etiquette. 



-Respond in a timely manner: We understand that we are all busy, but take the time to respond, as the host took the time to send you an invitation. This will give the host the chance to prepare in advance. 

-Show up: If you do respond with a 'yes' to the request, then show up! Try to stick to your word, as the host is planning for you to be there. In proper RSVP etiquette, don't miss the party unless you are ill or there is an emergency. 

-Be Respectful: The host has given a lot of thought to the list of invitees, so read the invite carefully, and respect their request. Don't even ask.."May I bring?.." If they are extending a plus one, then it will be noted 'and guest' on the invitation. 

Bottom line, it may just be an RSVP to you, but for the host, it is a lot of time, energy, money, and necessary for throwing an event! Don't be that person that the host has to call or text to get an answer because you forgot to respond. 

Thanks Style Me Pretty for the real talk, we couldn't agree more! 


Fabulous Friday: Framed Florals

We love the idea of framing your flowers, read more about this company that can turn your bouquet into a work of art! 


Don't throw out your wedding flowers! Memorialize your wedding with this custom curated Framed Florals piece. This unique keepsake will be treasured for years to come. The frame is adorned with flowers and foliage from your centerpiece, bouquet, or a sampling of flowers. This unique piece makes a perfect bridal shower gift, wedding gift, or a special gift to yourself.


Fabulous Friday: 8 Alternative Wedding "Cakes"

While wedding cakes are a timeless feature, personalizing your wedding with a cake alternative is an opportunity to incorporate details into your big day that reflect you and your husband-to-be. If you worked together at a donut shop, why not have a donut cake? If you stayed late at an ice-cream shop on your first date until they closed, opt for an ice cream cart. If you bonded over not loving desserts, what about having a “cheese” cake? 

Just like picking your dress, décor, and writing your vows, picking your wedding “cake” is an opportunity to give tradition a creative twist and have your personality come through. Here are 8 wedding cake alternatives we love to get your stomach grumbling! 

1. Macaroons

They're small and dainty, and come in endless flavors, what's not to love? 


2. Cookies

Imagine a cookie cake tower, with each tier being a different flavor of your favorite cookies: oatmeal, chocolate chip, red velvet, lemon, double chocolate...

3. Cupcakes

They're like a miniature cake, only a lot easier to pass around. 


4. Ice-cream 

If you prefer the creaminess of ice-cream over the iciness of a pop, but want something equally as fresh on a hot day! 


5. Ice Pops

Also the perfect refresher for a summer wedding! 

6. Donuts

Fried, filled, frosted, or unfrosted, you will drive your guests glazy! 



7. Waffle, Crepe, or Pancakes 

Frosted with syrup and fresh berries.  

8. Cheese Cake 

Who says cake can't be cheesy? This one's a Gouda alternative if sweet isn't your thing!