Accidents Happen: Before & After

Let's face it, accidents happen and unexpected things occur during any wedding or event. Our team helps put out the fire with our Luxe Bag, it's equip to be our emergency kit, tool kit and lifesaver for those unexpected moments!

At a recent wedding, red wine was accidentally spilled on the bride's wedding dress by a guest when hugging her after the ceremony. Luckily after some quick research and a trip to Total Wine, we were introduced to a product that we are happy to share with you. It is called "Wine Away" and can be purchased at a Total Wine Store or online. After spraying it onto the red wine stain, 5 minutes later the dress looked brand new, it was seriously like magic! It was unbelievable. Not only did it work great but it had a nice citrus sent unlike a lot of other cleaning products . If you don't already have this in your home it is a must!. It also removes coffee, blood, ink, fruit punch, sauces, and even pet accidents.  We have before and after photos to show you how truly effective this product is.  We were so impressed we bought it on the spot and have added it to our Luxe bag!