Dry Ice Cream Bar!


We are so excited to share with you a little sneak peak of what's to come with one of our fabulous local vendors, Mosaic Edibles. Currently in the works over at Mosaic is a dry ice cream bar! Cool right!? We were lucky enough to be the ginny pigs and got to taste some of the amazing flavors. Strawberry jalapeno, soy chai vanilla, and so many more! They will come to your event and make the ice cream on site. The dry ice creates a fog effect which makes for a great presentation. It would be perfect for these hot summer months to cool off your guests! Not to mention the ice-cream tastes wonderful and is served in the cutest little glass.  Here are some pictures of the machine in action, they are taken off an iphone so don't judge the quality.  We are looking forward to it, Mosaic!

dry ice 2


dry ice