Fabulous Friday: Bridesmaids Hacks

Bridesmaids play an integral part of the wedding day! It is the bride's big day, but the bridesmaids should feel just as beautiful standing by her side!   We are sharing some bridesmaids hacks on how they can feel confident and stylish on the wedding day! Here are our top 5 tips: 


-Opt to have your hair and makeup done by a professional stylist 

-Pick a dress that fits your body type best

-Keep your personal items organized in the bridal suite and bring only the necessities 

-Accessorize and coordinate with the other girls in the wedding party and bride so you look cohesive 

-Purchase heel protectors if at an outdoor wedding so you can walk with ease 


Most importantly, be sure to remember its all about the bride! You are her support system to help calm the nerves and keep everything on track! Check out the 2017 Bridesmaids trends below as we have partnered with Adore Me for this post! 


If you are looking for something cute and stylish to wear under your attire, be sure to check out their intimates page, there are some great ideas for bridal gifts too!