Planning tip Tuesday: First Look Alternatives

Are you a bride who does not want to do a first look but still wants to be able to share an intimate moment with your soon to be husband?  Here are some ideas you and your significant other can do prior to the ceremony to make your walk down the aisle even more meaningful!  These ideas will allow you to make contact with each other without being seen and also provides for even more photo opportunities! 

  1.  Take a moment to say a prayer or have a quick conversation behind a door or around a corner.

2. Write each other notes to read before walking down the aisle.

   Photo credit:

Aaron + Jillian Photography

    3.  Wear a blindfold - this way you can get as close as possible, still without even seeing each other!

     4.  If you're a musical couple, you can sing or play a song together on opposite ends of a doorway

 Its all about what works best for you as a couple, and these first look alternatives are a perfect way to save the first look for when the bride walks down the aisle!