Fabulous Friday: Groomsmen Gifts

Today's post is all about the groom! We have come up with ten creative gift ideas that your groomsmen will actually want and be able to use long after the wedding celebrations are over. It's so important to say thanks to these guys for standing by your side on your big day, so pick a gift that is personal to you and your handsome groomsmen!

1. Leather Travel Kit or Toiletries Bag - Groovy Groomsmen GiftsNot only are these gifts usable for the actual wedding weekend, but they are customizable as well! 

Leather Travel Kit



2. Personalized Decanter - Groovy Groomsmen GiftsTo ease the nerves on your big day, there's no doubt that you and your groomsmen will be having a few drinks while getting ready. Why not make it personalized with these custom decanters? Perfect for the spirt of your choice!

Classic Decanter


3. Unique Bowties - BrackishThese bowties are the real deal, y'all. Handcrafted with real turkey and bird feathers, these eye-catching bowties are sure to be a hit with everyone. Your groomsmen can also wear them to events for years to come, making them an extremely practical gift. Not to mention, they'll look awesome in your photos!

Blue Chuka


4. Custom Brass Collar Stays - Owen and Fred: Another practical, yet custom gift...what's not to like? Add a special touch by engraving them with your groomsmen's nicknames or initials! 

 6 Custom Brass Collar Stays


5. Drink Rocks - AreawareThese Drink Rocks are  unique, as well as functional. Made of soapstone and marble, these rocks are designed to be chilled in the freezer before they go into your drinks, acting as a stand-in ice cube to keep your drinks undiluted and strong as ever!

Drink Rocks

6. Beer Making Kit - Brooklyn BrewshopWhat guy wouldn't want his own personal brewing kit? This Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit serves as a fun activity for you and your groomsmen to do together pre or post-wedding weekend!


7. Custom Cuff Links - Custom MadeCustom cuff links will make all of your groomsmen look extra sharp on your wedding day, and they'll also make a great detail shot for your photographer!


8. Engraved Flask and Cigar Holder - Home Wet Bar: Your groomsmen can hold their spirits and cigars in one place and tuck it away into their tux pockets for later on during the wedding reception!


9. Party Socks - J. CrewParty socks should be a staple for all groomsmen. With so many options, you can go for polka-dots, stripes, your alma mater's logo, animals, funny sayings, crazy patterns, and much more!  


10. Sunglasses - Ray-BanWith so many styles and options, you can find a pair of shades to keep each of your groomsmen looking cool on your big day.

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