Fabulous Friday: A Personalized Wedding Day Keepsake

Your wedding day often ranks as one of the most exciting and important days of your life, and it tends to be over faster than it began!  In the busy moments of trying to greet all your guests and spend time with your new husband, it is easy to overlook the details you worked so hard to plan.  Many times,  you have your wedding photos and video as your only memories to look back on.  We like providing brides with the means to appreciate every detail and memory from your day since we know how fast it can go by.  One way to provide a keepsake from your wedding day is to have your wedding dress hand drawn!  This is a great way to have a documented memory from your wedding and something you can look back at and appreciate throughout your married years together.  It can also serve as a reminder of your youth and promising future as a married couple, and represents how timeless love is.  It is even something you can show your children and grandchildren!  What a great way to appreciate the details that made your day so special!