Planning Tip Tuesday: Southern Traditions

Today we are talking about our top 3 Southern Wedding Traditions! 

Bury the Bourbon

Southern folklore says that if you bury a bottle of bourbon upside down at your ceremony site, one month before the wedding, it will keep the rain away! On the wedding day, dig up the bourbon, pop it open and have a sip! (Note: Be sure to check with your venue to make sure they allow this)

Photo by Dana Cubbage Weddings

Bridal Portrait Sessions 

Every girl wants the excuse to wear her wedding dress not once, but twice! Bridal portrait sessions are a long standing southern tradition, which allows the bride to get her hair, makeup, and dress on for an amazing photo session with her photographer.  

Photo by Dana Cubbage Weddings

Grooms Cake

The grooms cake is a gift from the bride to groom (usually a surprise) to represent his hobbies, talents, or interests. This is a great way to honor him since so much is about the bride, and doesn't have to go with the decor of the wedding itself so you can get creative!

Wedding Cake by Jim Smeal