Fabulous Friday: WedTexts

Keeping all of your guests updated on the wedding weekend is definitely not an easy task, and who wants to send individual texts to all of their guests on the big day anyway? WedTexts is a new and improved way to keep guest communication simple and effective!

You begin by building your guest list, and it is as simple as importing contacts from your phone or adding them manually. You can group them into specific groups (i.e. bridesmaids, groomsmen, wedding guests), and send notifications to these guests at any time leading up to the wedding. With WedTexts you will be able to  send event reminders and alert messages to your guests. You can either pre-set the messages to be sent on a certain date or WedTexts allows for your guests to receive real time updates. In the event of any last minute changes, WedTexts can send out the new information to your guest list in seconds!

WedTexts does not require your guests to download an app, as long as they have text messaging, they will receive the message! 

  • Using WedTexts is cheaper than printed material, it saves stamps and cuts down on waste.
  • By using WedTexts you can text all of your guests at once. Group text messages from your cell phone only allow you to text 30 people at the same time.
  • The convenience of WedTexts is that you can schedule all of your messages in advance so you do not have to worry about your guests remembering everything you told them. However, if things change, you can send real time updates letting your guests know about any new details.
  • You can use WedTexts for events other than just your wedding — such as your rehearsal dinner, bachelor parties, engagement party, bridal shower and after party!

Sign up for WedTexts here: https://www.wedtexts.com/#/login