First Look, Just DO It!

You know the old saying, "The Groom can't see the Bride before she walks down the aisle" think again! I can't relay how important it is for the groom to see the bride in an intimate setting. Yes, forget tradition! Maybe I'm just being selfish because I not have one picture of my groom seeing me for the first time on my own wedding day. Yes, we did have fabulous photographers but that means nothing if you don't get the shots you want.

Just consider it. First look. First glance. Sneak peek. Whatever you want to call it, do it. Break tradition and get one of the images that you'll want to remember forever.

Here's exactly why we LOVE a first look.

Photo Credit: Mike Landis Photography

 Photo Credit: Shannon Confair Photography


Photo Credit: Pure Luxe Bridal Consultants