How Much Does a Charleston Wedding Really Cost?


The reality of budgets and vendor costs can be easily forgotten in the midst of all the excitement of planning your special day. To help our beautiful Pure Luxe brides stay on track, we've created the budget guide above! We calculated these ranges based on averages from our most frequently used vendors and venues. With over ninety weddings per weekend in Charleston, one can only imagine why the prices must remain competitive between the different vendors and venues. Charleston has a lot to offer its brides, but like with any destinations, it has a price.

Couples that choose Charleston as their wedding destination strongly believe that the event was more fun and lasted longer. Essentially, our couples have invited their closest family and friends to go on a mini-vacation with them; what could be better than that?! But like we said, this comes at a price not only for the bride and groom, but for guests too. Hotels, transportation and food increase in price for guests, like at any wedding where travel is involved. In exchange for the additional arrangements that must be made, guests get to enjoy a true Charleston weekend - and we can guarantee it'll be one they never forget!