Monogram It!

Wedding season and holiday season is quickly approaching! Not sure what to get your girlfriends as gifts for the occasion, look no further and monogram it! I've never been one to monogram anything, it's a southern thing and I'm from Pennsylvania. Now that I've lived here for 4 years, it's beginning to change my opinion on southern style. I'll never say Ya'll but I do have a new appreciation for pearls, seersucker and you've guessed it.. monograms!

Here's my top three picks for monogram gifts.

1. The Monogram Clutch by Formosa boutique

I own one and have already gifted a bunch of these, at a $38 price point you can't beat it!

2. The Monogram Necklace by Marinette Jewelry

3. The Monogram Lifeproof Case by Lipstick Shades

This is big on my want list. God only knows that I am a mess with my iPhone.