Planning Tip: Getting Ready Location

When planning your wedding day, be mindful of where you choose to get ready. If your venue does not have a bridal suite, there are many factors to think about. How big is the room? Is there a lot of light? Can multiple people get ready? What is the décor?  Your photographers are going to want to be with you while you are getting ready to snap some photos, so a room with lots of windows and sunlight always make the best photos. The décor makes a huge difference, opt for a room with lighter wall colors and pretty accent pieces. You also don't want to be crammed and hot with all of your bridesmaids and parents in a small room, so make sure the place can accommodate your bridal party. You will likely have your hair and makeup come to you, so keep this in mind as well. Lastly, make sure the room is clean, you won't want clutter and trash in your photos. These bride + grooms chose some great places for getting ready and their pictures tell it all...IOP beach house, suite at Middleton Place, Zero George Street, etc... what a fun relaxing start to the day!

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