Planning Tip Tuesday: 12 Months +

Hi, it's Blake here! We thought it would be fun to give updates on the planning progress and things I learn along the way now that I am an official bride-to-be (yay!). I am excited to share my thoughts being on this side of the wedding planning process and hope it is helpful to you! 

With my wedding date over a year away, I am in the beginning phase, so here is what I am up to: 

-Set a budget! Talk with everyone who is contributing and get an overall number as this dictates everything else! 

-Choose a destination, venue, and date: This is the first thing I did once I got engaged! Charleston is such a popular destination so locking in the venue was a must! I weighed the pro's and con's of each venue and what is important to us for the day. So many factors to consider; weather, time of year, budget, location, even the bathrooms (hehe)! 

Photo by Whimsey Photography

-Guest list: Gone are the days of address books for us millennials! My fiance and I sat down to put together a rough guest list to have a better idea of the overall number of guests we are anticipating. Gathering addresses is definitely a process, so I have begun reaching out to friends and family so I have it ready when I need it. 

-Timing: Now that we have the venue and date locked in, setting the timing for the ceremony and reception is so important. Take a look at the sunset time, and decide how many hours you would like your reception to be. Most vendor contracts ask for timing so it is important to have this going forward. 


Photo by Aaron and Jillian 

-Planning the engagement party and photos! Engagements sessions are so much fun and a way to get comfortable with your photographer! Celebrating with friends and family is something we are really looking forward to since we got engaged in a private setting. 

-Choose your wedding party: There are so many fun creative ways to ask your girls and guys to stand by your side! Have fun with it! Anything you love, they will love too, that is my motto :)


Photo by Whimsey Photography 

I'll check back in as I have more updates!