Planning Tip Tuesday: Choosing the Right Hotels

So, we've reached the one year out mark and it's time to start looking for the perfect hotel for your guests to stay during your wedding weekend. As Charleston is a tourist destination, the possibilities are endless!... and overwhelming. When looking for the best options here are a few things to consider:

1.) Three is the Key!

We recommend choosing three hotels MAX! One in each price range; low, medium, and high. This will give your guests plenty of variety to choose from when booking their room. Limiting the choices to three hotels will also reduce the stress when coordinating other pieces of the wedding such as transportation. 


2.) Block vs. Preferred Rate

Whats the difference? Well, when the hotel offers you a block of rooms they are offering to hold a certain number of rooms for your guests to book until a particular cut off date. At this date, the rooms will be released back into the hotel inventory for anyone to reserve. Most hotels will start with a block of 10 rooms reserved for your guests. We promise, this is plenty! In the event that all 10 rooms are filled, is is an option to add more rooms to the block at a later date. When the hotel offers a preferred rate, they are offering the rooms at a discount. However, they are not actually holding any rooms and the booking is based upon first come first serve.


3.) Financially Obligated? No thank you! 

Let's put it this way, why would you pay for something that  isn't being used? When a hotel offers you a block of rooms but you are financially obligated for rooms that are not filled or a percentage, we recommend steering clear of this hotel. No matter how many guests you believe will be staying at the hotel, you can never guarantee it! At the end of the day, you do not want to be paying for a number of empty rooms. Be sure to double check on the hotel's policy before moving forward. All of the hotels that Pure Luxe Bride recommends are obligation free!