Planning Tip Tuesday: How to keep it stress free!

Don't let wedding planning become stressful! We have come up with 5 tips to help keep the planning process stress- free (and fun!).

1. Trust Your Professionals-You hired them for a reason! Your vendors have extensive knowledge in their area of expertise, so trust their advice.

2. Budget Wisely-Create a realistic budget because this is a big part in determining other wedding factors. For this reason, it is important to make a clear budget early in the planning process. We have created a budget guide   to help our couples stay on track!

Magnolia Plantation Wedding

3. Make decisions simple- its always nice to involve friends and family in the planning process, but when its comes to making important decision, keep the numbers small. When you have too many people giving their opinions it makes it much harder to come to a conclusion.

Gatsby Wedding at William Aiken House Charleston SC

4. Stick to your vision- Its important to keep the vision and style of the wedding uniquely you. Don't let the high expectations from Pinterest and pictures galore change your ideas. Its a representation of you as a couple and the experience you want to create. Discuss the type of wedding you want with your partner and stick to it! 

5. Have a NO wedding night- Choose a night each week that you and your significant other don't discuss anything wedding related. It can become a lot to handle at times, so take a night to yourselves, make dinner, watch a movie, and keep the romance alive! Remind yourselves why your doing it all in the first place!

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