Planning Tip Tuesday: How to Properly Put in a Veil

We have this question come up a lot, so today we are teaching how to put a veil in properly. First of all, if you don't know, ask! Your planner or hair stylist will be able to assist. The last thing you want is the bride's veil falling out during her walk down the aisle. Be sure to know where the bride wants the veil placed; crown of the head or lower at the base or back of head. This will certainly depend on her hair style as well! 

How to insert the veil: 

  1. Hold the comb upside down with the teeth of the comb angled towards your face (with the rounded inside facing upwards).
  2. Rotate the comb backwards so the rounded part is against your head, and the teeth are now facing down.
  3. Slide the comb into the hair until it feels secure 
  4. Secure the comb using bobby pins, wiggle the veil to make sure it does not move and is anchored to the head.  
  5. You're done!