Planning Tip Tuesday: RSVP Etiquette

The rules of wedding traditions are constantly changing and evolving, but today we are talking about why a paper wedding RSVP is still the way to go! While technology is making an easy outlet for guests to RSVP online, we still think you should stay true to tradition on this one, hear us out! First, its proper etiquette, and guests will be expecting an RSVP card alongside your beautiful invitation. If there are guests who are not tech-savy or are a member of the older generation, they may have trouble RSVP'ing online or not do it at all. People are more likely to send it  in the mail when they are provided with a tangible card and postage vs remembering to get on the computer. The less people you have to call and check up on the better, trust us! Lastly, it's way more exciting to get the reply's via snail mail in the midst of all the wedding planning! Enjoy the thrill of checking the mail each day and getting so excited each time you open an RSVP from a loved one! Plus, as lovers of all things paper, we just think these cards are adorable and make your invitation suite that much better! 

Don't forget- when choosing an RSVP date, make sure it's at least 5 weeks out from your big day! Final counts are often due by the 1 month out mark, so this will give you an opportunity to follow up before it's due!