Planning Tip Tuesday: Something Old, Something New...

...Something borrowed, and something blue! Every bride is all too familiar with the old saying and eager to uniquely incorporate the tradition into her wedding day look. This charming Victorian rhyme symbolizes tokens of good luck for the bride, and everyone could use a little luck, especially on their big day! Below are some of our favorite ways to incorporate these special touches.

Something Old:

Opt for your mother's or grandmother's old gems. This is a great way to save some money and add a touch of vintage flare to your look. You could go with a strand of pearls, diamond earrings, or an elegant hair clip or brooch. Also, incorporating an old photo into your bouquet is a great way to display something old while remembering loved ones.


Something New:

This one is a great way to splurge on something for yourself! Whether it be your wedding gown, a new pair of shoes, or a set of monogrammed champagne flutes for you and your groom to toast with, just make sure it's personal to you!


Something Borrowed: 

We love the idea of borrowing your mother's veil or pieces of lace and beading from her wedding dress to add onto yours! You can also ask your parents or grandparents for their wedding rings for the ceremony, and tie them onto your bouquet. 


Something Blue:

Take a page out of the Carrie Bradshaw handbook and get yourself a fabulous pair of royal blue Manolo Blahnik's to finish off your look. Also, you could take one of your father's old blue dress shirts and sew a heart to the inside of your dress with the material - a touching way to have your dad just a little closer to you on your big day.



Whatever you decide, the possibilities are endless!