Planning Tip Tuesday: The Perfect Bouquet

There are so many special components in each wedding, and one of the ones we love to see come together is the bridal bouquet. The bride’s bouquet should be distinctive to her taste, and it is often adorned with beautiful, personal accents such as a special broach, colored ribbon, or precious jewels. When designing your bouquet, make sure to think about things like what the flower symbolizes, how it will look at your venue, and whether or not it fits with your specific style and colors. Make sure to also take into account what color your bridesmaids will be wearing so their bouquets will coordinate with their dresses and the brides bouquet.  Your bouquet will be photographed nearly as much as you , so it is very important to pay close attention to detail when creating your dream bouquet. Above all, trust your florist's knowledge when deciding which flowers fit best for your day. 

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