Planning Tip Tuesday: What you need for plated Dinners

You've opted for a plated dinner, now what?! We've put together a list of items to help make explain the process for seating and meal selections for your guests to make this part of the planning process a breeze! Seating

- With a plated dinner, there must be seating for 100% of your guest count with assigned tables. (Pure Luxe Bride clients get a really helpful planning sheet along with their floor plan to assist in seating assignments for your guests!)

- Choose between a head table with the entire bridal party or a sweetheart table for the bride and groom only.

- Be sure to note where children or guests under 21 are seated so the catering staff can set accordingly. Children's meals are often available at a discounted rate.

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Food Style

- Allow guests to pre-select their meal from a list of two entrée options (typically a fish or a meat) or opt for a duo for all guests to enjoy! While duo options are typically more costly, they do allow for a faster food service so you can get the party started!

- If guests pre-select their meal, you'll have to make place cards that indicate this selection, whereas if you choose a duo, you'd only need a seating chart for guests to find their table.

- If choosing a duo entrée, consider a menu card for guests at each place-setting so they can see what will be served for dinner.

- Don't like the idea of a menu? Consider a thank-you note for each guest in place of a menu.


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