Planning Tip Tuesday:What to Wear for your Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are great in so many ways. It gives you the chance to be in front of the camera together before the big day, feel comfortable with yourselves and your photographer, and have beautiful pictures to use for your website, save the dates, guest sign in books, etc.! With all of that being said, there can be a little bit of pressure and lots of questions to prepare. Pure Luxe Bride interviewed photographer Jill Osteen with Aaron and Jillian Photography , and got some insight on engagement sessions. Hopefully this can ease some your mind for your shoot! PLB: How should a couple choose the location of their shoot?

Jillian: Location is really important for these photos so find a place that's special for the two of you! One of our couples loved the movie The Notebook, so we shot their engagement session at one of the locations used for the movie! If you own a boat or are on the water a lot, consider scheduling 1/2 of your session on a boat or at the marina.

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PLB: Should they bring anything with them?

Jillian: This really depends on the couple and the location! Say your fiancé is in the military, consider bringing an American flag to the shoot. Any interests that you two may share, bring something to display that. If you both really love coffee, bring your two favorite mugs and grab a seat on a bench downtown. Or did you meet on an airplane like one of our Pure Luxe Bride couples? Bring a toy replica of the airplane to commemorate that aspect of your love story!

Engagment American Flag Engagement object

PLB: Can their fluffy friend tag along for the shoot?

Jillian: Of course! We personally love dogs, so we definitely want to see furry four-legged friends at our clients engagement shoots! Remember to ask your photographer beforehand if this is okay, and always arrange for a friend to come "doggy sit" while your photographer is finishing taking photos of just you and your fiancé.

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PLB: What should our couples wear to the shoot?

Jillian: Definitely wear a color that you look great in! The more color you wear, the better; as long as your outfits are complimentary colors! Most pastels work really well for downtown shoots in Charleston! For girls, cute dresses are a fabulous option, especially paired with a beautiful necklace and some cute shoes! Try to embrace dark blue jeans and fun colorful shoes! Plaids and stripes tend to photograph really well, we personally prefer them over a solid color shirt for guys.


PLB: Is there anything our brides should avoid wearing?

Jillian: Flowy Shirts! While the flowy shirt is stunning in person, it runs the risk of making you look bigger and it really doesn't photograph well. Aside from that, try not to be too matchy-matchy with your significant other, and plan out what you are going to wear with one another before the shoot! This may be a given, but avoid athletic shoes unless your shoot is literally on a track!


PLB: Any reminders for the day of the shoot?

Jillian: Clean your ring! Chances are your photographer is going to take a couple photos of your sparkly companion. Professional hair and makeup is another huge thing, it takes your photos from great to fabulous. If you're not good at doing these things on your own, try taking a day for yourself and getting dolled up. Its worth your investment to make sure you look your absolute best for these! At the end of the day, if you feel great, you'll look great, and that's what really matters!

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