Pure Luxe Bride's Wedding Week Do's & Don't's

Pure Luxe wants to share with all of our brides the do's and don't's of your wedding week. Make sure to review all of these tips and tricks; one of them could be the one that saves the day! DO touch base with your planner. The best way to put yourself at ease to talk it out: go over all of the details (again), discuss the timeline (again), and take a breath. Have faith in your planner and/or vendors to make your day as special as you’ve always imagined.

DON’T turn into a weather woman. Let us track the weather and come up with plan B for you. Chances are if you look at Charleston weather 5-10 days out, it's going to change before the big day.

DO delegate. Speaking of the in-laws, sisters, uncles and cousins, have them help you with all those last minute errands and details. They’re going to be constantly offering so why not just let them make that call to the officiant or schedule that appointment for you to get your mani/pedi.

DON’T forget to pamper yourself during your wedding week - or even for a couple weeks beforehand! We know you’re getting your hair and makeup done the day of, but why not schedule a massage, mani/pedi and a facial?! Squeeze some last minute relaxation in. Go with your mom, your maid of honor or just take some time to go by yourself.

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DO make a plan for the end of the night with your planner, family members and bridal party. It’s important to have a plan for all the items that need transporting at the end of the night. Your bags, veil, any leftover food and decor items you may have brought need an exit strategy - just like you! Don’t forget to pack your overnight back as well!

DON’T wear too much makeup. Do a trial run with your makeup artist beforehand and remember to not wear anything you normally wouldn’t. The last thing you want to do is look back at your wedding photos and wonder what you were thinking.

DO get a spray tan - but again, do a trial run. It is recommended that spray tans get done roughly 2-3 days before your special day. Plan accordingly!

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DON’T ignore your final payments! Typically, during the week of, or even on the day of, your final vendor payments will be due. Absolutely do not forget to make these payments and balance your checkbook before leaving for your honeymoon.

DO take a few days of work during your wedding week. It’s enough having those last minute errands and details to cover, but to do it all with your in-laws, sisters, uncles and cousins hovering or staying in the guest room, work is going to be the last thing on your brain.

However, DON’T take the entire week off. You can use work as an escape from all the craziness: a reason to leave your house, a reason to dodge a lunch date with ALL of the future in-laws, or just a reason to focus on something other than the big day!

DO go to the gym. Take a yoga or zumba class with your bridesmaids. Get moving, get sweating and get those endorphins pumping! No reason to be cooped up all the time stressing about those last minute details. Get your mind off of the wedding and take a moment to laugh with your ladies about how inflexible you all are…

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DON’T show everyone what you look like in your wedding dress before your special day. We understand how exciting it is, but trust us - it’s more special when you wait until the day of.

DO get your groom a little something to open on your wedding day. Write him a card or buy him a little something to remind him of how much you love him. His pre-wedding jitters will definitely calm at the sight of something that reminds him of you.

DON’T freak out if things don’t go as planned. For example, if the cake doesn’t look exactly how you want it to, remember that it tastes good. Take the day as it comes and just have fun!

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DO be a guest at your own wedding! Be in the moment on the day of; trust us, you won’t want to miss a thing. All of your planning, anticipation and excitement all comes down to this one day so stop worrying about each and every detail and just enjoy yourself. Enjoy the celebration, the guests and most importantly, your new hubby.

DON’T forget to love your family. Thank them for everything they have done to make this special day possible. No matter how stressful your parents have made you the weeks, months and year before, on the day of your wedding, you’ll be so grateful to have them with you.

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