Squeeze On-Site- The Perfect Dessert Drink

Did you know, Squeeze is a bar downtown also offers their bartending service for private events and weddings? Their business is on our preferred vendor list; "The Luxe List" and after last nights visit to their bar I now know why!

Their impressive and interesting drink list made it difficult to make a decision, but I finally decided on a Chocolate Raspberry Martini.. I think I died and went to chocolate heaven! I would skip dessert every day of the week if I could have one of these instead. It was the perfect mix of white and dark chocolate, creme de cacao and fresh raspberry puree, and as if the taste wasn't enough, the bartender put a lot of time into it making sure the presentation of the drink matched the taste of it, and it sure did! I mean just look at it?!  You need to try this!

Visit our friends at Squeeze www.squeeze-onsite.com for their full list of signature specialties!