Top 3 Budget Busters

As a bride looking to wed in the Charleston area, there are 3 costs that every bride and groom should keep in mind when determining their wedding budget. These costs are often forgotten but important to consider. They include the following:

  1. Rentals: Many Charleston rental companies are not all inclusive. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that each item that a bride and groom wish to rent from a rental company will be individually priced. This includes items such as tents, catering equipment, chairs, flooring, glassware, flatware, china and much more. One of the perks of working with us is that we handle this for you! We coordinate with the caterer and venue to make sure we have every single item covered for the big day!





  2. Hotels: Charleston is a beautiful city with many attractions. Keeping that in mind, Charleston is a huge tourist location and draws tons of people from all over. Therefore, hotel prices can be high. Also, hotels can become booked quickly, especially for the spring and summer seasons. Brides should remember to make hotel reservations in advance and be prepared to pay higher prices due to location and demand for hotel accommodations in the area. Here are a few hotels that Pure Luxe Bride recommends that wedding parties check out: French Quarter Inn, The Society House, Andrew Pinckney Inn, and Zero George.





  3. Photography: There are plenty of photographers in the Charleston area that do amazing work. Although prices may be high for the photographer that you wish to use, paying a higher price will ultimately pay off in the end when you have amazing images. Keep in mind these tips when booking your photographer:
    • Make sure you receive access to the disk and rights of the images.
    • Make sure the photographer has a second shooter at your wedding. This will allow you to have more photos from different angles.
    • Make sure that your photographer will provide at least 8 hours of coverage.