Planning Tip Tuesday: Building Your Perfect Registry

When you create your registry, you are picking the items that will help you and your hubby start your new life together- no more college cups and plates or bedding! Building your registry can be an overwhelming task, especially in light of all the wedding planning, but with a few simple tips, you can build the perfect registry to meet your needs, totally hassle free! Start off by linking your registry to your own customizable wedding website. While it not only makes gift giving easy and quick for your guests, it is also the perfect place to add  your engagement photos, personalizing your registry and reminding guests of the sweet couple that they are buying for. Next, stick to the essentials. With the power of the registry clicker in your hands, the ability to scan everything and anything is quite literally at your fingertips. Go in to your stores with a list of absolute must have’s, and then add your wishes later on. It is so important to get what you truly need so that you and your hubby can start your new life together at home with all the right tools. Lastly is keep track and say “thanks!" Writing a handful of thank you notes all at once can be tiring, but if you write thank you notes as you receive the gifts, it makes the process ten times easier, and it ensures that no gift goes unseen. Some of our favorite spots are Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, and Sur La Table. Building your registry can be tons of fun, and a great way for you and your future husband to get excited about the next phase in your lives, so build away!

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Fabulous Friday: Wedding Registry Trends to Watch!

Attention all Pure Luxe Brides! These hot wedding registry trends definitely have our attention and we think you'll love them too. It's Fabulous Friday here and we encourage you to celebrate by choosing which of these fabulous items you'd love to add to your registry! Thanks to The Knot's Lauren Kay for the inspiration! Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 4.57.41 PM

Classic China

Register for a timeless and classic china pattern that will remain in style for as long as you are married.. forever! It's easy to mix and match classic china with fun accent plates and colors so why not plan for the long haul with a classic set? Timeless does NOT have to mean boring though, people! Look for metallic and neutral colors - you know we love anything gold! We suggest you register for twelve place settings; that way, you have enough for a dinner party and if your pattern happens to get discontinued, at least you'll have a full set plus more!


Gold Flatware

Gold, gold and more gold! Register for some gold flatware to accompany your new beautifully, patterned gold china. Add a little glamor to your dining room table! Nowadays, many gold flatware sets are dishwasher safe so they don't just have to be for dinner parties. You can use them every morning to glam up that bowl of Cheerios!

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Cocktail Essentials

Whether you love to host or prefer cuddling up on the couch with a martini, cocktail essentials should be added to your registry! Glasses are at the top of any cocktail essentials list, follow by a bar set. Bar sets typically contain items such as shakers, jiggers, bottle openers and tongs. Appetizer plates, linens and even a bar cart would complete any cocktail essentials set! Oh, and don't forget to fully stock the bar!

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Hobby Items

Due to online registries, our grooms are getting more in on the registration action. Barbeques, appliances and more are at the top of every groom's list. However, what better way to make both the groom and bride happy than with hobby items? Register for things you two can do together outside of your home - tents and fitness equipment are perfect for this! Get matching tennis rackets so you can dominate the court together, or buy climate-controlled sleeping bags for that snuggly camping trip you've been planning next fall.

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Not only should couples register for the wedding, but let's not forget the honeymoon! Luggage sets are the perfect item for every couple, for any honeymoon, to anywhere. Luggage lasts a lot time too so you know you'll get very good use out of it not only now, but also in the future. Look for lightweight pieces, carry-ons and duffles, as well as garment bags depending on your needs. Only register for the pieces you know you'll use!

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Charity Registry

This day in age, a lot of couples are already living together before they tie the knot. If you already have everything you need, create a charity registry where guests can make donations in lieu of gifts. Check out sites like CrowdRise where you can even set a fundraising goal for you and your guests to reach. Another option includes Just Give  that helps couples create charitable wedding favors supporting an organization close to both your hearts.