DIY Bride Guide: Where to Splurge, Where to Save?

For brides who are looking to remain on budget, the question of when to splurge and when to save is a concern. A popular way of saving on costs is by incorporating DIY elements into your big day. This trend has become extremely popular for couples who are looking to save big bucks.The problem with this trend arises when the couple incorporates so many DIY elements that they spend every moment leading up to the wedding weekend completing a variety of crafts. Therefore, take our advice below when deciding when to splurge and save. Wedding Music: For every bride and groom who has been to a wedding and thought that the musical entertainment was lacking, learn from that couples mistake! Great entertainment is something that your guests are going to remember from your wedding day. Instead of ending the night early, keep the night going with great music and moves on the dance floor. In addition to making sure guests have a great time at the reception, it is important for the bride and groom to have an amazing time as well. Therefore, spend a little extra money and get the band or DJ that you know is going to satisfy you, your groom, and your guests.


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Weddings today are overflowing with DIY craft ideas. Whether it is a DIY table runner, lantern, cake stand, or other fun decor, brides are turning crafty in order to save money on their wedding day. Who can blame these savvy brides?! With websites like Pinterest overflowing with craft ideas for their big day, it is easy to find creative ideas. At Pure Luxe, we believe DIY crafts are not only a great way to save money, but a nice way to add a creative touch and show the bride and grooms personality. However, problems arise when the bride spends every waking moment leading up to her big day with a glue gun and burlap in hand. DIY overload can become a problem for couples who are looking to save big bucks. Pure Luxe would like to remind couples that less is more in terms of DIY. Too many DIY crafts can become overwhelming and look like an explosion of Pinterest. Therefore, keep the crafts to a minimum. Allow the beauty of your venue to speak for itself without overloading the venue with trendy, DIY crafts. This way you and your groom can enjoy each others company in the months leading up to the big day, without stressing over tons of craft projects.



Floral Pieces: 

Creating floral arrangements and centerpieces are no easy tasks, just ask the professionals! Whether you are trying to create a centerpiece, bouquets, or decorative arrangements, brides who try to save money by creating flower arrangements themselves are up for a big task. Pure Luxe Bride recommends couples avoid the stress and hours of preparation and instead hire a florist. Also, what bride wants to be running around her venue arranging flowers on the day she says I Do?! That is what a professional florist and your Pure Luxe Bride wedding planner is for! Avoid the hassle and stress of creating your own floral arrangements and spend the money for a professional to handle that task. Professional florist can create beautiful arrangements matching your design concept and color scheme.