Fabulous Friday: Groomsmen Gifts

Today's post is all about the groom! We have come up with ten creative gift ideas that your groomsmen will actually want and be able to use long after the wedding celebrations are over. It's so important to say thanks to these guys for standing by your side on your big day, so pick a gift that is personal to you and your handsome groomsmen!

1. Leather Travel Kit or Toiletries Bag - Groovy Groomsmen GiftsNot only are these gifts usable for the actual wedding weekend, but they are customizable as well! 

Leather Travel Kit



2. Personalized Decanter - Groovy Groomsmen GiftsTo ease the nerves on your big day, there's no doubt that you and your groomsmen will be having a few drinks while getting ready. Why not make it personalized with these custom decanters? Perfect for the spirt of your choice!

Classic Decanter


3. Unique Bowties - BrackishThese bowties are the real deal, y'all. Handcrafted with real turkey and bird feathers, these eye-catching bowties are sure to be a hit with everyone. Your groomsmen can also wear them to events for years to come, making them an extremely practical gift. Not to mention, they'll look awesome in your photos!

Blue Chuka


4. Custom Brass Collar Stays - Owen and Fred: Another practical, yet custom gift...what's not to like? Add a special touch by engraving them with your groomsmen's nicknames or initials! 

 6 Custom Brass Collar Stays


5. Drink Rocks - AreawareThese Drink Rocks are  unique, as well as functional. Made of soapstone and marble, these rocks are designed to be chilled in the freezer before they go into your drinks, acting as a stand-in ice cube to keep your drinks undiluted and strong as ever!

Drink Rocks

6. Beer Making Kit - Brooklyn BrewshopWhat guy wouldn't want his own personal brewing kit? This Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit serves as a fun activity for you and your groomsmen to do together pre or post-wedding weekend!


7. Custom Cuff Links - Custom MadeCustom cuff links will make all of your groomsmen look extra sharp on your wedding day, and they'll also make a great detail shot for your photographer!


8. Engraved Flask and Cigar Holder - Home Wet Bar: Your groomsmen can hold their spirits and cigars in one place and tuck it away into their tux pockets for later on during the wedding reception!


9. Party Socks - J. CrewParty socks should be a staple for all groomsmen. With so many options, you can go for polka-dots, stripes, your alma mater's logo, animals, funny sayings, crazy patterns, and much more!  


10. Sunglasses - Ray-BanWith so many styles and options, you can find a pair of shades to keep each of your groomsmen looking cool on your big day.

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Fabulous Friday: Authentic Charleston Boutonnieres

We love unique details for our Pure Luxe grooms! A trend we are seeing and loving right now are custom crafted boutonnieres made with traditional Charleston materials, such as cotton and sweet grass. These elements are a great way to incorporate local flare into your wedding, and they make beautiful accent pieces on your handsome groom. Plus, they will look great in photos, perfectly complimenting your Charleston venue. Each boutonniere is uniquely different and eye-catching. What's not to love?! Some of our favorite Charleston crafted boutonnieres are below:

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2014, sweet grass flowercotton

sweetgrass rose w/ green berries cotton w/ dusty miller sweetgrass rose cotton w/ greens



Groomsmen Gifts That Just Keep On Giving

How can you guarantee your groomsmen and bridesmaids will love their gifts?! We have some great ideas for your bridesmaids in our previous post, Top 5 Bridesmaid Gifts Your Girls Will Love. Groomsmen, however, can be a bit trickier to shop for - especially if your groom doesn't even like to shop... Pure Luxe Bride has the perfect solution: subscription gifts! There's nothing better than the gifts that just keep on giving and better yet, a gift that's personalized. We've listed below some of our favorite subscription products and services, catered to fit all the personality types of your handsome groomsmen.

Pasha Belman Photography Copyright © 2013 www.pashabelman.com

1. Netflix | For the Movie Buff

I think it's safe to say that we are all pretty familiar with the Netflix concept but have you ever thought of what a good gift it could be?! A year of Netflix for one of your groomsmen totals under $100 - at the exchange of all of his favorite movies and TV shows in one place... whenever he wants them. He can enjoy his new subscription on his PS3, Wii, Xbox, PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet and more.

2. Pandora or Spotify | For the DJ

Your favorite kind of music streaming instantly, whenever you want it, wherever you want it. What could possibly be a better gift?! Outlets like Pandora and Spotify only play music their listeners love. How, you ask? Because everything is customized. Users create custom stations and playlists, like the music they want and ignore the music they don't. With access to millions of songs all in one place, your DJing groomsmen will be dancing the year away with his new subscription gift.


3. Piccolo | For the Photographer

Piccolo is a subscription, photo printing service. All you have to do connect your Instagram or Facebook to the service and users receive monthly prints of their uploaded photos. We all have that one friend who is constantly snapping pics so why not support his habit?! He can choose which photos he wants to receive prints of, and even which ones he wants to send onto friends and family! Wouldn't this be the perfect way to get your hands on the photos he snaps at the wedding...?

4. Zoraab | For the Foot Model

Step one: choose a plan. Step two: complete quiz. Step three: sock selections. Step four: Receive socks. It's that easy! The CEO of the group loves to add his own flare to the daily suit and tie via patterns, stripes and polka dots... on his feet. Whether he's a sock dabbler, sock enthusiast or sock connoisseur, Zoraab is the perfect gift for one of your best men.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 10.58.07 PM

5. Harry's | For the Manscaper

For the infrequent, occasional and every day shaver, Harry's has a kit for everyone! Make sure those groomsmen of yours look clean shaven on your special day by subscribing them to Harry's shaving products. Receive razors and creams at chosen intervals to keep him feeling as smooth and clean as he will on your wedding day. "Worrying is overrated, so forget about forgetting."

6. Julibox | For the Mixologist

Each month, members receive two great cocktail recipes and ingredients. The cocktails are curated by Julibox's world class mixologists and are designed especially to be made at home. Box's include all of the spirits and mixers you'll need to make the scrumptious cocktail. If your best man finds a cocktail he likes, he can order it again!


7. Mistobox | For the Java Lover

The best coffee, delivered right to his door! Four different coffees will be delivered to his house every month with Mistobox. Tips and expert brewing advice are included with every box as well. Instead of having to run to the closest Starbucks before work, your groomsman will have his favorite pot brewing before he even gets out of the shower.

8. Lootcrate | For the Gamer & Geek

"Epic geek and gamer gear delivered monthly!" Though we may not admit it, we all have a bit of gamer and geek inside of us but for those gamers and geeks that own it, Lootcrate is the perfect gift. This month's box includes awesome items like Star Wars Galactic Playbook and Melting Rubik's Cube (whatever they are).... Your gaming groomsmen will geek out!

9. Mantry | For the Foodie

Mantry is a food of the month club for men, not only full of American artisan food but also, what to do with it... Yes. You read that right. Mantry subscriptions come as One Mantry, 3 Month and 6 Month options. Craft Beer Belly, Breakfast with Pops and Hecho en America are just some of the fun concepts that have been used for past Mantry's.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 10.38.51 PM

10. Try the World | For the Explorer

"A taste of the world in a box." After subscribing to Try the World, members receive a gourmet box of food from a different city around the world. The boxes arrive every two months and are full of the most delicious foods and cultures from all around the world. For example, the Paris Box contains some of their finest gourmet items such as natural jams by Alain Milliat and traditional hot chocolate powder by Confitures à L'Ancienne. Music and movies, perfumes and postcards that capture the French joie de vivre all fit inside one very special box.