The Do's and Don'ts of Honeymoon Booking

Planning a honeymoon can be stressful and overwhelming. Where do you start? What honeymoon destinations are best for a fall wedding? Can we get a honeymoon package at our resort? These are all questions and concerns that couples find themselves struggling with as they start to plan their dream honeymoon. Lucky for you, we have contacted Tara McCoy with Destination Wedding Experts and she was provided helpful information and advice for the stressed Luxe Bride. This information will be extremely helpful as you not only pick your destination, but plan excursions and other details along the way. IMG_1282

How far in advance should the bride and groom book their honeymoon? 

As early as possible! Some boutique resorts or unique room categories fill up a year in advance. Often times there are booking incentives and you’ll save on airfare when you book early. Most packages don’t require final payment until 6 weeks prior to arrival so you’ll have plenty of time to pay off your trip too!! And did I mention that it just feels great to mark things off the list?!

What are some tips for saving money when booking a honeymoon?

Book early.  Use a knowledgeable travel agent, they keep up with all of the deals.  If you’re flying, consider alternate airports. Visit more popular destinations vs. exotic. Also, be flexible with your travel dates.


Where are the best places for brides and grooms to go on their honeymoon when having a fall, summer, and spring wedding? (Where are the best places to go for each of these seasons)

For couples that want to travel abroad in the fall and spring, it will be much less expensive than in summer months. The Caribbean and Mexico are great year round but, be sure to purchase a good travel insurance policy for the fall hurricane season.

Should one person, or one side of the family, be expected to pay the cost of the honeymoon? (How has the issue of paying for the honeymoon evolved/changed over time) 

Traditionally the honeymoon was the financial responsibility of the groom’s family. Today, most of the couples that I work with pay for at least a portion, if not all of their honeymoon expense.


What are some additional things that need to be booked/taken care of in advance before arriving at the resort? (airport pick up, etc...) 

Again, I suggest doing as much as possible before you arrive but, things like transfers to/from airport are very important and any rentals (wheelchairs, etc) that you may require. If you have any allergies or special dietary requirements it’s a good idea to notify the resort in advance.

Honeymoon registries have become more popular, can you explain what this is? 

I’m a very big fan of honeymoon registries. Couples these days are combining households when they marry so towels and sheets aren’t necessary. And let’s face it, will you remember who gave you that blender 10 years from now?? But a honeymoon registry allows couples to register for “items” they would like to experience on their trip. It could be something like a special dinner, excursions, or even a room upgrade. Gifts from a honeymoon registry help them make memories that they’ll cherish a lifetime. I’ve even written a comparison of some of the more popular registry sites… check out the Destination Wedding Experts Blog.

What are some tips for determining if a honeymoon destination/package is ‘too good to be true?’ (How can the bride and groom detect if they are being scammed) 

Read the fine print. Most of the deals will have limitations and specific travel dates. Also, don’t be fooled by flawless photographs. It’s always better to work with a travel agent that has actually been there.


What are some unique honeymoon destination ideas that you have worked on/seen? 

I’ve worked with a few couples planning eco-honeymoons in South American countries including Costa Rica and Peru. In these destinations you’re surrounded by lush rainforests, exotic vegetation, and breathtaking landscapes. These destinations are a dream for the adventure lover with activities like zip lining, rafting, and hiking.

Another unique honeymoon experience is “honeyteering”, it’s a honeymoon mixed with volunteering. This can be an immensely powerful bonding experience for newly married couples. Volunteering abroad takes you out of your comfort zones where you’ll share experiences that bring you closer together. I haven’t had an opportunity to plan a honeyteering trip yet but, would love to help a couple make their first getaway as man and wife a meaningful, life-changing experience.

What are some additional tips that you have to offer Brides and Grooms booking  their honeymoon?

Choose a destination and resort that fits your personality and style. Don’t travel somewhere because you know someone that went there, find the honeymoon getaway that is perfect for you!

Look for a honeymoon package that is a good value, not a good “deal”. Compare the benefits, amenities, and features, not just the price.

Find a travel agent to work with. A qualified, knowledgeable travel professional can help you find the best destination, resort, and package that perfectly fits your style and budget. And when you work with me or other agents at Destination Wedding Experts, our travel planning services are completely free, and you’ll always pay the same as booking it online.


Pure Luxe Bride would like to extend a special thank you to Tara McCoy with  Destination Wedding Experts. All of the information found in this post, as well as the gorgeous pictures, were provided by Tara and her broad knowledge and experience working with brides and grooms to plan the perfect honeymoon experience.