Planning Tip Tuesday: Writing Your Invitations

Today for Planning Tip Tuesday, we've got a fabulous guest post from the ladies over at Ivy Ellen on Writing Your Invitations!

 ‘How should I word my wedding invitations’ – one of the most commonly asked questions in all of wedding history. We all know that traditionally the bride’s parents pay for the wedding and are therefore the hosts of the wedding, however with more and more couples paying for their own big day sometimes wording etiquette can get a little confusing. With so many wording worries on your mind we have rallied up a few top tips to make sure you know that your stationery is both grammatically gorgeous and perfectly pretty.

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1. If you are hand writing or DIY-ing your wedding invitations then you need to first consider your wording. Think about who is hosting the wedding and whether you want a traditional look or modern. You can find wording suggestions on the Ivy Ellen website and many others online. Whoever is hosting the wedding (paying for) usually invites the guests, therefore if your parents are paying it would be “Mr and Mrs Smith request the pleasure of the company of….. at the marriage of their daughter……. To ………” Whereas a more modern invitation would be something along the lines of “Sarah and James would love……. To join them at the celebration of their marriage….” If both sets of parents are contributing or the wedding is paid for by a mix of people it is contemporary to put “together with their parents, Sarah and James invite….”

2. Ivy Ellens Insert

2. You next need to think about the information you are including, for example if you are having separate RSVP cards and information inserts. These days many couples choose to include an email or website for the RSVP. This can then simply be added onto the wedding invitation. However often there is information the guests need such as parking, transport and accommodation – this can all be included on a separate information insert.

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3. The gift list – this is always a worry for brides and grooms as they never want to appear rude or pushy. Have no fear, there are many ways in which you can politely and discreetly mention your wedding gift list. For example a sweet poem or limerick always works well… “If you’re thinking of giving us a gift, to help us on our way, a gift of cash towards our honeymoon, would really make our day. Then while we’re relaxing on the beach, or by the pool so blue, we’ll sit back and know that it is truly thanks to you!”

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4. Another important question people ask is “How can I make it clear who I have invited to my wedding?” Most wedding venues have a limit and therefore brides and grooms need to be exact with numbers. We recommend you address your invitations to the specific people you wish to attend your celebrations. If you send out a general invitation to a household you may find that additional family members and friends may turn up who you were not expecting. This is very important especially if you are have a ‘child-free’ wedding day. A side note mentioning this will always help if you are still worried!

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5. And last but not least is the handwriting! Many stationers, like us, offer services such as guest name printing and calligraphy however a lot of couples choose to handwrite their own names or even their whole invitations. We suggest buying a few pens that you like the colour and look of and try them out on the paper you are using. For example at Ivy Ellen our inserts are a pearlescent paper therefore we recommend a fine tip Stabilo Sensor pen in black. Talk to your local stationers for recommendations.

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Should you follow these top 5 tips, we are confident that you will be sending out the perfect wedding invitations! Have fun!  

Ivy Ellen