Juice + Why We Love It!

Today's blog is coming straight from the mouths of yours truly, the gals over at Pure Luxe Bride. We wanted to share with our blog readers our love for juicing and why we just can't get enough! To be honest, at first the idea of juicing was very intimidating. The bulky juicing machine and not knowing exactly what to do, but when a friend let us try hers we couldn't believe how delicious it was! When your on-the-go all the time like we are, you can simply make it in the morning and take it with you. Not only is it a great way to instantly absorb nutrients but it leaves you feeling fresh. Although we love our sweets, sometimes that cupcake and glass of wine leaves you feeling a little 'blah' the next day. A fresh juice in the morning puts an end to that feeling. The best part is, you can throw just about anything in the juicer and it will taste good. Whatever you have sitting in your fridge just toss it in! This morning we made an apple, grapefruit, kale, lemon, + watermelon, yum!! There are so many different options to make so we are always trying something new! You can make it with just fruit, or add some vegetables for some additional nutrients.  Juicing is great for any lifestyle or if you are looking for a good  pre-wedding diet. Its a lot of fun to try new recipes and experiment with all the fruits and vegetables. Our most recent favorite juice combines apples and cucumber, so refreshing! fruit


Happy Juicing!