Fabulous Friday: Summer Weddings

Summer weddings hint at airy wedding dresses, outdoor venues, bright flowers, ceaseless greenery, and—unfortunately—often a wolfpack of sweaty guests. Fun fact: South Carolina lies amongst the Top 10 hottest states in the U.S during the summer, with temperatures averaging from lows of 74° to highs of 88°between the months of June and August.  

But, a summer wedding done right can have your guests feeling cool during your “I do” even on a day that is hot and humid with an 80-plus-degree forecast. To keep your guests in a fabulous mood on a summer day, consider having one—or all—of these ideas for everyone to enjoy during your wedding! 


1.     Sweetgrass fans/Program fans

Welcome your guests with fans for the ceremony, and they can even be personalized with the name of each guest, or double their use and make ceremony programs. On a summer day, this is the perfect breeze to leave your guests at ease.  


2.     Ice-cream

Whether you want to give your wedding a vintage vibe with an old-fashioned ice cream bicycle cart, or you’re looking to keep your décor fun with an ice-cream station, there’s nothing that a scoop of ice-cream can’t solve. 

3.     Milk & Cookies 

If you think warm cookies are good, add ice-cold milk, its the perfect combo. Serve cookies on top of milk-filled shot glasses engraved with your wedding date, and you’ll revamp a childhood favorite to a summer wedding guest favorite. 


4.     Naked Cakes

Heat often kills hunger, so replace the opted heaviness of a more traditional wedding cake, with the lightness and fluffiness of a buttercream layered naked cake topped with fresh berries. 

 5.     Prosecco + Pops

A personal, all-time favorite.  Champagne flutes with popsicles dipped in Prosecco. There’s nothing more refreshing than the sweetness and iciness of a popsicle coupled with bubbles to provide relief from the summer’s heat. 





Fabulous Friday: Top 3 Wedding Trends We Love Right Now

Just like fashion, wedding trends come and go with the seasons. So far this spring, we have seen so many gorgeous trends and details, but these 3 "take the cake" as our current favorites!

1. Naked Cakes and "Partially" Naked Cakes: Naked cakes are all the rage right now! Just like a regularly frosted cake, these cakes come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors, and often include layers of frosting between each sheet of cake. We love when they are topped with lush flowers or fresh fruit. Be unique at your wedding and indulge in one of these naked beauties!


Photo Credit: Reese Moore 

  Photo Credit: Aaron and Jillian

2. Colorful Flowers: Bye bye neutrals, hello color! We're loving the colorful bouquets our brides have been sporting this spring!


Photo Credit: Aaron and Jillian


Photo Credit: Aaron and Jillian

3. Rustic Chic Weddings: There's no better place than Charleston to find the perfect rustic venue to compliment your chic wedding theme! We love to see light, romantic touches added to soften these spaces, while also pulling together a complete rustic chic look. Accent colors such as light pinks, ivories, and soft shades of blue work great, as well as pops of vibrant color here and there.


Photo Credit: Hyer Images

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