Planning Tip Tuesday: Designing Your Signature Wedding Cocktail

Just like every couple has their signature style, every couple should have its signature cocktail, a unique and delicious blend of both bride and groom, specific to their personality and their wedding. Not only is designing your signature drink a fun activity to do with your groom, but it will leave your guests with something to remember your wedding by. It simply adds one more distinctive touch to your big day. If you’re bubbly and your groom packs a little punch, opt for a champagne cocktail with bold flavors like orange, pineapple, and strawberry . If you're a traditional Southern duo, try a Charleston favorite like Firefly  sweet tea vodka mixed with fresh lemonade or iced tea. You can even have a custom sangria bar, allowing your guests to put their own flair on your favorite drink. Whatever you choose, all  of your guests will surely be out on the dance floor after they sample your signature wedding cocktail. The options are endless, so drink up and be married!

The Knot Market MixerSignature Champagne Drink with Gold Sugar RimJennifer Bearden Photography© Dana Cubbage Weddings Pasha Belman PhotographyDana Cubbage WeddingsFirefly and Lemonade Signature Cocktail Rustic Chic Wedding