Gift Options for your Groom

Finding the perfect gift for your groom can be difficult. Not only do you want to make this gift special and ensure it leaves a lasting impression, you also want your groom to have this gift for years to come. To help with choosing the perfect gift, Pure Luxe Bride has compiled several creative gift options. These gift options combine creativity, personality, uniqueness, and DIY skills. Because these gifts are creative and incorporate DIY elements, your gift will be like no other and surely leave a great impression on your man. So take our advice, get crafty, and incorporate some of the unique ideas we have listed below. A journal that highlights your engagement: If your guy is the sentimental type, he will love this gift. Keep a journal from the time you get engaged, leading up to the big day. Journal about the planning process, moments you and your groom share on the way to the altar, and anything else that will be memorable and fun to read about in the years to come. At the end of the journal, include a special letter to your groom describing how happy and excited you are to spend your future with him. Not only will your groom have this keepsake for many years to come, you will both enjoy reading it in the future.

Something engraved:  For brides looking to give a traditional gift, give your groom a timeless piece that is engraved with your wedding date. A piece of jewelry, such as a watch, is a great item to give your groom. This timeless piece will be with the groom forever. We'd recommend checking-in with our friends at Kiawah Fine Jewelry, they have a fabulous selection of watches and gifts for  your guy! Additional items that make great engraved gifts include a luxury shaving kit or cuff links to wear for the wedding day.


A shadowbox: Create a shadowbox full of memories and pictures that highlight special moments you and your man have shared over the years. A unique idea would be to create 3 separate shadowboxes. Fill one shadowbox with pictures and memories of the years in which you both were dating and getting to know each other. The second shadowbox would consist of pictures, mementos, and decorative elements that capture your engagement. The third and final shadowbox would be left empty until you both return from your honeymoon. At that point, you could both create a shadowbox of your wedding day, complete with the invitation, flower petals, etc. What a creative and lasting impression these shadowboxes will create!

A day dedicated to the groom: Does you groom have a hobby that he loves, such as golfing, sailing, or snorkeling? Dedicate a day of your honeymoon to your guys hobby. Depending on the location that you are vacationing on, make reservations in advance for a day dedicated to a surprise excursion for your husband. Or plan a little pre-wedding getaway for the two of you before all of the hustle and bustle kicks in. Perhaps a getaway to a place dedicated to the groom but has perks for you too like Pinehurst in NC. Your guy can enjoy lessons with a pro while you indulge at the spa.


Create a collection of wedding boudoir photography: Creating a collection of wedding boudoir photography has become a popular trend among brides today. This photo shoot consist of brides showing their feminine and passionate personalities and feelings for the groom. The bride has a photographer capture various flirtatious yet classy pictures of herself to giver her man. These pictures are not only a keepsake but also a great way to show your future husband you love and passion for him. There are quite a few fabulous photographers in Charleston that specialize in this art Mell Bell of Mell Bella and Tomme Hilton with Loft Noire Photography.