Top Father Daughter Dance Songs for the Modern and Traditional Bride

The Father-Daughter dance is such an important moment in both a bride's and her father's lives. The only suggestion we have for our brides is to make it one they'll remember! Choose a song that is special to you both or learn a cute dance to do together and just have fun with it! This is a pivotal moment that your dad has been looking forward to his entire life. We chose our favorite Father-Daughter Dance songs and have established our top picks. Which song will you choose?
Francesca's Pick:Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. I'm partial because it's my Daddy's favorite song and the song he and I danced to on my wedding night. It's not what I originally planned - but was able to find out it was what he really wanted and surprised him the night of the wedding.
Blake's Pick: Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle. It's hard for me to choose just one but this song is so special!
Anayis' Pick: The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra. I've always imagined my dad and I dancing to this on my wedding day!
London's Pick: My Girl by The Temptations. My dad and I have known that this is the song we will dance to at my wedding for a very long time! Even now whenever I hear it, I let the him know I'm thinking about him.
mj - 060
Classic Choices:
Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder Unforgettable by Nat + Natalie King Cole
What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
Your Song by Elton John Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles I Wish You Love by Frank Sinatra
Modern Choices:
Through the Dark by Alexi Murdoch My Little Girl by Tim McGraw
My Wish by Rascal Flats
Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Sweet Child O' Mine by Taken By Trees

Wedding Traditions You Don't Have to Follow

"Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue..." Wedding traditions can sometimes feel as old as the concept of marriage itself, and for the modern couple, these traditions just won't do! We love tradition here at Pure Luxe Bride, but we understand that your wedding day must be perfectly suited to you. Below, we've compiled some of the wedding traditions we don't think you and your hubby have to follow!
One of the oldest wedding traditions in existence is not seeing each other before the ceremony. It is also the tradition that has since been the most modernized. Nowadays, what the industry calls a "first look" is not only popular, but utilized more frequently than not. A "first look" is an intimate time when the bride and groom see each other right before the ceremony, coordinated by the photographer and the planner. With just the photographer standing by to capture the special moment, the "first look" is a chance for the bride and groom to see each other, calm their nerves and exchange their last words and kisses as an unwed couple. It's also a time for the photographer to capture potentially more creative and better photos, without being rushed.
Traditionally performed after the cake cutting, the groom will remove and throw the garter to the unmarried gentlemen, and the bride tosses her bouquet to the unmarried ladies. Whoever catches these items will be the next to wed! While it remains a fun tradition, the bouquet and garter tosses aren't totally necessary. If you and your hubby would rather keep your guests on the dance floor after the cake is cut, or you don't want to draw attention to those guests that are still single - skip this tradition! Don't worry - you're not missing out and you'll be just as happy dancing the night away.
So there's your sister (she's your Maid of Honor), your three roommates from college and the two girls from work... but oh! You can't forget about your cousins and it'd be nice to put the Best Man's girlfriend on the altar. Hmm and even though you wish you didn't have to keep your future sister-in-law up there... wait! It's a common wedding tradition to have a huge bridal party with everyone and their mother (literally) included. Why not break tradition and just have a Maid of Honor and a Best Man standing by your sides? Keep your bridal party (and inherently your budget) small!
It would be wonderful to get married in the church your parents were married in, but does it really suit you and your fiance's wedding day vision? If not, consider a destination wedding! Location traditions are limiting to one of your hometowns. Why not start a tradition of your own, in a city you can call your own. Destination weddings also act as a mini vacation for guests so pick a place they'll love (like Charleston)!

Fabulous Friday: Essentials for Your Tropical Honeymoon

What could be more fabulous than buying new essentials for your tropical honeymoon? Pure Luxe Bride has compiled some of our most favorite items that we deem essential to any tropical honeymoon. Let the packing begin....

Tropical Honeymoon-2

1 | This everyday, black clutch from Madewell is a necessity on any vacation - including your honeymoon! It’s always useful to have a small, cross body bag for moving through crowds or even just so that you don’t have to think about keeping your belongings safe. Black and gold go with everything, and so will this bag on your honeymoon!

2 | These beautiful, leather travel sized cases from Cuyana make traveling a breeze. Use them to store makeup, toiletries, jewelry, or carry it as a clutch to dinner! Small case sets like these are very useful, no matter where you’re traveling with your hubby!

3 | Josie Maran's nourishing, bohemian mist that textures, volumes and moisturizes your hair so it looks like beach waves. The mist is perfect for when you don’t feel like styling your hair for dinner, or want to control those salty locks.

4 | This is my favorite new look from Jack Rogers for the Spring/Summer 2014. While flip-flops are essential for tiptoeing on the sand, cute sandals are important to have for meals, dressing up or heading into town.

5 | Is there anything easier to accessorize with other than a set of bangles? These Ralph Lauren hammered bangle bracelets can be worn to the beach, to climb a waterfall or for brunch with your new husband - and did we mention gold goes with everything?!

6 | Another of my favorite looks from Tory Burch are her Panama Sunglasses. Timeless and simple in nature, but stylish and elegant no matter the occasion. Sunglasses are a must for everyday use to protect our eyes - why not do it in style?

7 |  One of the best lip balms I’ve seen yet - Clinique’s Chubby Stick is full of color, moisture and comes in 16 colors for all moods! Protect your lips from wind and sun burn with a moisturizing lip balm that’s full of color.

8 | Find a nude, lacey bra to compliment your tan. It’ll go with all your outfits, and look great against that freshly bronzed skin by itself...

9 | Just like sunglasses, hats are a must for everyday use to protect our skin and eyes. With a little more edge and style than a baseball cap, this Panama hat from Cuyana completes any bathing suit/cover up duo.

10 | Lush Cosmetics' Bare Naked Lady is formulated to give us a little extra shimmer on our skin before a night out on the town. Complete your sun-kissed glow from the beach with an extra golden sparkle. Leaves your skin feeling “sextraordinary”.

11 | Why not have a coverup that can be used both day and night? Hair tossed up in a bun with a bikini underneath makes for the perfect beach look from MILLY, while heels and some gold bangles will give this dress the look it needs at night.

Groomsmen Gifts That Just Keep On Giving

How can you guarantee your groomsmen and bridesmaids will love their gifts?! We have some great ideas for your bridesmaids in our previous post, Top 5 Bridesmaid Gifts Your Girls Will Love. Groomsmen, however, can be a bit trickier to shop for - especially if your groom doesn't even like to shop... Pure Luxe Bride has the perfect solution: subscription gifts! There's nothing better than the gifts that just keep on giving and better yet, a gift that's personalized. We've listed below some of our favorite subscription products and services, catered to fit all the personality types of your handsome groomsmen.

Pasha Belman Photography Copyright © 2013

1. Netflix | For the Movie Buff

I think it's safe to say that we are all pretty familiar with the Netflix concept but have you ever thought of what a good gift it could be?! A year of Netflix for one of your groomsmen totals under $100 - at the exchange of all of his favorite movies and TV shows in one place... whenever he wants them. He can enjoy his new subscription on his PS3, Wii, Xbox, PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet and more.

2. Pandora or Spotify | For the DJ

Your favorite kind of music streaming instantly, whenever you want it, wherever you want it. What could possibly be a better gift?! Outlets like Pandora and Spotify only play music their listeners love. How, you ask? Because everything is customized. Users create custom stations and playlists, like the music they want and ignore the music they don't. With access to millions of songs all in one place, your DJing groomsmen will be dancing the year away with his new subscription gift.


3. Piccolo | For the Photographer

Piccolo is a subscription, photo printing service. All you have to do connect your Instagram or Facebook to the service and users receive monthly prints of their uploaded photos. We all have that one friend who is constantly snapping pics so why not support his habit?! He can choose which photos he wants to receive prints of, and even which ones he wants to send onto friends and family! Wouldn't this be the perfect way to get your hands on the photos he snaps at the wedding...?

4. Zoraab | For the Foot Model

Step one: choose a plan. Step two: complete quiz. Step three: sock selections. Step four: Receive socks. It's that easy! The CEO of the group loves to add his own flare to the daily suit and tie via patterns, stripes and polka dots... on his feet. Whether he's a sock dabbler, sock enthusiast or sock connoisseur, Zoraab is the perfect gift for one of your best men.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 10.58.07 PM

5. Harry's | For the Manscaper

For the infrequent, occasional and every day shaver, Harry's has a kit for everyone! Make sure those groomsmen of yours look clean shaven on your special day by subscribing them to Harry's shaving products. Receive razors and creams at chosen intervals to keep him feeling as smooth and clean as he will on your wedding day. "Worrying is overrated, so forget about forgetting."

6. Julibox | For the Mixologist

Each month, members receive two great cocktail recipes and ingredients. The cocktails are curated by Julibox's world class mixologists and are designed especially to be made at home. Box's include all of the spirits and mixers you'll need to make the scrumptious cocktail. If your best man finds a cocktail he likes, he can order it again!


7. Mistobox | For the Java Lover

The best coffee, delivered right to his door! Four different coffees will be delivered to his house every month with Mistobox. Tips and expert brewing advice are included with every box as well. Instead of having to run to the closest Starbucks before work, your groomsman will have his favorite pot brewing before he even gets out of the shower.

8. Lootcrate | For the Gamer & Geek

"Epic geek and gamer gear delivered monthly!" Though we may not admit it, we all have a bit of gamer and geek inside of us but for those gamers and geeks that own it, Lootcrate is the perfect gift. This month's box includes awesome items like Star Wars Galactic Playbook and Melting Rubik's Cube (whatever they are).... Your gaming groomsmen will geek out!

9. Mantry | For the Foodie

Mantry is a food of the month club for men, not only full of American artisan food but also, what to do with it... Yes. You read that right. Mantry subscriptions come as One Mantry, 3 Month and 6 Month options. Craft Beer Belly, Breakfast with Pops and Hecho en America are just some of the fun concepts that have been used for past Mantry's.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 10.38.51 PM

10. Try the World | For the Explorer

"A taste of the world in a box." After subscribing to Try the World, members receive a gourmet box of food from a different city around the world. The boxes arrive every two months and are full of the most delicious foods and cultures from all around the world. For example, the Paris Box contains some of their finest gourmet items such as natural jams by Alain Milliat and traditional hot chocolate powder by Confitures à L'Ancienne. Music and movies, perfumes and postcards that capture the French joie de vivre all fit inside one very special box.


Fabulous Friday: Relax with Wedding Yoga

Melora Morgan recently reached out to Pure Luxe Bride to tell us all about her amazing traveling yoga business, Serenity Tree Yoga. Melora has been a yoga instructor for over 10 years in the Charleston area and has a particular focus on brides. She believes that "planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful times of your life - trying to meet deadlines, perfect every detail and keep everyone happy. Bringing yoga into your wedding creates a space of unity and relaxation, and helps connect you to the deeper meaning of your special day."

She has worked with many brides in the past year and the transformation they have experienced in both body and mind during the planning process is incredible. Melora offers several different wedding packages including Bachelorette and Bridal Shower sessions, Private One-on-One sessions with the bride, Bride and Groom sessions and even sessions for the entire Bridal Party. She also offers Wedding Day-of Yoga. What a fabulous idea!

Serenity Tree Yoga is not only perfect for all of our Pure Luxe Brides but her services are perfect for our Ladies of Leisure as well! What better way to unwind and enjoy a stress free weekend than with deep relaxation yoga. Follow Serenity Tree Yoga on Facebook and learn more about Melora here! Check out the review below from one of Melora's brides as well!

“I worked with her in class and also in one-on-one sessions in preparation for my wedding, as a self-proclaimed crazy Bridezilla I wanted to let go of anxious energy and learn to be in the moment so that on my wedding day, I could feel present and open. As a bride, there is so much chaos going on around you that it is easy to absorb all that distraction and not truly be “in the moment”, not only as the big day approaches but on the actual wedding day. On my wedding morning, Melora and I climbed on the roof of my beachhouse at IOP and did 2 hours of yoga and reiki. This was before the craziness of the day began, where it was just her and I and our mats. I can honestly say it was the BEST thing I did for myself for my wedding day. All my worries, fear, anxiety and constant stream of thoughts just disappeared and I was able to walk down the aisle feeling like the only emotion that remained in my body was pure, overflowing happiness and joy.

What a gift to be able to truly experience such an important day from a heart that is open and clear. I never, ever would have been able to have that experience if it weren’t for the work I did with Melora, for the things she has taught me along the way, and for the yoga that morning on the rooftop. I promise you, it will make such a difference in how you experience your special day. It is a gift to give yourself. Everybody says that your wedding day flies by and it is over before you know it. This is partly true. But I know that my experience was different, my memories clear of each and every beautiful second. The best part was I wasn’t nervous, I was just really, really happy. Thank you Melora for helping me have that experience of truly “being present” and living in the moment. You are the best!!"

~Taylor Anne Taylor

Fabulous Friday: We're Seeing Red..Velvet!

Today is the day to whip up some sweet Valentine's Day treats for your sweet valentine! It's Fabulous Friday here at Pure Luxe Bride and what could be more fabulous than spoiling each other on Valentine's Day? That's what we thought - nothing! Here are some of the most scrumptious and irresistible red velvet goodies the girls at Pure Luxe like to indulge in.


Kick Valentine's Day off with a beginning that's just as sweet as its ending - Red Velvet Crepes with raspberry and cream cheese filling! What better way to start off your romantic day together than with a breakfast so yummy neither of you will want to spend the day apart. Not too rich in taste and perfectly filling, these crepes use one of our very favorite secret ingredients... nutella!

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 12.35.55 PM

Red Velvet Chocolate Swirl Brownie Bars - try saying that 5 times fast. Just kidding, you don't have to! All you have to do is bake and enjoy them! This recipe is halfway between a brownie and a bar. The treat is described by its creator as "fudgier, denser and richer than your typical bar", but not chocolately enough to deserve brownie status.


For some lighter fare and perhaps a night together at home, indulge in Red Velvet Popcorn. While you can't see it yet, what's holding the red velvet cake dust onto each salty bite of popcorn is... white chocolate. If that doesn't tempt you, I don't know what would!

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 12.48.02 PM

What list of sweet treats is complete without cheesecake somewhere?! The Novice Chef teaches us how to make these delicious, Marbled Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies. But get this - they're heart-shaped! You can get creative with this yummy recipe - balloons, cheesecake on a stick, etc.!


Now last, but certainly not least, comes the Red Velvet Fudge Pie. I don't know if we have ever salivated this much over a photo but this sweet treat looks simply divine! Between the melted chips on top and the richness of the velvet underneath, you can bet this is one treat the girls of Pure Luxe will be busy baking this Valentine's Day.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 12.50.22 PM

When to Stop Using Pinterest as a Bride

Planning a wedding in today’s modern world is so much different from what it used to be. Brides used to get inspired by vendor look books, photographs in bridal magazines, or ideas from real-life weddings. Today, there are hundreds of ways to get inspired as a bride, the largest being on the Internet. To get even more specific - Pinterest. Us wedding planners love to utilize Pinterest to collaborate with our brides, help inspire them and even get inspired ourselves! Moran-150

However, at what point should a bride stop using Pinterest and begin to trust their wedding planning instinct? After their floral arrangements have changed three times? After going over the rentals budget by more than $10,000? There are too many brides who continuously change their wedding design based on what they’ve seen most recently on Pinterest.


Believe it or not, there is a such thing as too much inspiration. Pinterest overwhelms us with an entire home page of pins we are interested in - and trust me, we’re interested! We can get lost for hours on Pinterest. We get overwhelmed with the amount of designs and details we fall in love with during that time, a lot of them similar, perhaps just shown in a different color or at a different time of year. So how do you think a bride feels when looking at their Pinterest home page? Excited? Overwhelmed? Or perhaps all of the above? There’s an enormous amount of new designs and decor items that inspire their wedding planning but at the expense of wanting to completely change their current design plan. Pure Luxe Tip: don’t let yourself get sidetracked! You already have your general design plan - don’t stray from it. Look out for accent details or decor items that will pull your look together without changing the entire thing. 

View More:

Another note that most brides don't realize is that most of the over the top pictures found on Pinterest are those from styled photo shoots that would unlikely be done for a real-life wedding (like the one above that we did with A Lowcountry Wedding). No matter your budget, vendors or planner, your wedding may never measure up to the wedding you’ve planned on your Pinterest page because of shoots like these! The elaborate tent draping, $5,000 cake and most beautiful orchid arrangements from your outdoor, tropical wedded bliss board are indeed beautiful, but perhaps not realistic for your budget, location, and time of year. It’s so easy for a bride to set her heart on an idea without really understanding what goes into the look, let alone what it actually costs (we actually did a blog last week on what's realistic for a wedding in Charleston, SC check it out here . Pure Luxe Tip: think through your ideas. Heavily allocate your budget to the most important aspects of your wedding and don’t let Pinterest let you plan an over-the-top wedding! Remember that your Vera Wang gown and strand lighting beneath the Charleston starlit sky will make much more of a statement than orchids on every table. 


Allison Rasko and Alejandro Chechilnitzky's wedding at the Magnolia Plantation Carriage House in Charleston SC. Wedding photographer Charleston SC, modern vintage photography, amelia + dan, 843.801.2790,

Lastly, Pinterest calls for copycats! Everything on Pinterest has been done… why not design something for your special day that hasn’t been?! There are plenty of brides that saw that same pin as you and decided to include it in their wedding design. Or perhaps they showed the photo to their florist and rental company and asked them to design it like the picture. This is where brides go wrong for two reasons. One, you’re copying something someone’s already done. Two, vendors like to be creative in their design too. Chances are, even if you show them that floral arrangement you love, they’re going to put their own creative spin on it - one that makes it unique to you and to them. Pure Luxe Tip: Be unique. Be yourself. Be your own couple. Wouldn’t you rather have an event that’s truly you as a couple? Make your first night as husband and wife truly memorable, special and all about you!

HowAboutWe For Couples!


HowAboutWe for Couples is a members-only website that grants couples access to one-of-a-kind dates that they'd never before had access to. The service is currently available in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Chicago for all of our Pure Luxe destination couples!

"We hand-pick the finest local dates—from off-the-beaten-path gems to tried-and-true classics—and offer them to our members at refreshingly reasonable prices. Membership also includes one free date every month, our free concierge service, and an unlimited grab bag of specials like 2-for-1 Fandango tickets."

What a cute idea for all of our couples that just want to try something new. Go see a play, that movie you've been dying to watch in IMAX, a night at the bowling alley or even a cooking class for all of our culinarily (yes, we made that word up) challenged couples. Spice up the wedding planning with a night where you just forget it all and have fun together.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 9.02.35 PM

Postable - Thank You Cards Made Easy

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 3.42.36 PM

Postable is the easy, new way to write and mail thank you cards. Users can easily gather all of your friends mailing addresses and send them real thank you notes in the mail. Postable sets out to make mailing cards both easy and enjoyable. All it takes is three easy steps. How simple is that?! Collect the addresses, write your cards and let Postable do the rest!

Step 1: Fill up your Postable address book. Nobody seems to have anybody’s address anymore. Postable makes pulling together a large group of addresses painless. We give you a link (, you email out the link, people click it and add their info directly into your address book for you. No work for you and all of the information is accurate and up-to-the-minute. The address book is totally private, secure and 100% free. And if you already have people’s addresses, import them or enter them as you go.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 3.44.24 PM Step 2: Write your cards. Once you have people’s addresses, Postable Cards makes writing and mailing cards to people a breeze. Whether you have to write 10 thank you cards for your child’s birthday, 100 thank you cards for your wedding or 250 holiday cards for your family and friends, Postable removes all of the hassle and lets you focus on what's important, the message. You can write a completely different message to each person or write one message and have it go to as many people as you want. Whatever your pleasure, the process is simple and easy.

Step 3: Postable does the rest. We print your cards on super-luxe, 100% recycled paper, stuff them tenderly into their envelopes, hand stamp them with a first class stamp and send them on their merry way. Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 3.56.45 PM

Wedded Bliss Tips for The Best Happily Ever After...

In honor of Francesca & Justin's big 5 Year Anniversary, we're offering up some wedded bliss tips for newlyweds. Being married isn't all roses and butterflies, it's a work in progress! You'll love and laugh but you'll also have some serious conversations and tough times. Let us show you our 3 best tips for the best happily ever after! anniversary pic

Tip 1: Earn Separately, Pay Jointly

Merging finances together can be confusing and daunting and financial stress is the number one cause of divorce in the US.  So here's a tip- open three checking accounts and one savings account.  One checking account is in your name only and another in just your partner's name.  The third checking account and single savings account are jointly held.  Have your paycheck deposited into your checking account and your partner's paycheck deposited into his/her checking account.  Split household bills equally and transfer each share of the expenses into the joint checking account and pay from this account.  Use the joint savings for big household expenses, yearly vacations, or other financial goal by transferring a set percentage from each paycheck into the account.  Managing money this ways ensures that household responsibilities are taken care of while leaving you and your spouse with your own checking account to spend as each of you sees fit.  This will help maintain your differences in money management will still maintaining your joint lifestyle.

Allison Rasko and Alejandro Chechilnitzky's wedding at the Magnolia Plantation Carriage House in Charleston SC. Wedding photographer Charleston SC, modern vintage photography, amelia + dan, 843.801.2790,

Tip 2: Give The Ultimate I Love You Gift- Security

Do you remember this line? “To have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.” But we know your love won’t stop there. One of the greatest and selfless gifts you can give each other is the peace and security that a Life Insurance policy can provide.  Policies are cheaper than you think and it is a conversation newlyweds should have. Consider it now while you’re young and healthy so you don’t have to worry in the future. It really is the ultimate “I Love You” gift. To learn more about your options, call Justin at 843.870.9568 or e-mail .


Tip 3: Laugh Often, Embrace Individuality

Leading up to your wedding, everyone talked about becoming one as you continue your life together.  But in reality, you are two individuals who are living and loving together.  Remember to embrace your partner's differences and respect their need to have personal space every once in awhile.  Laugh as often as you can and think of your life as an individual journey that is made all the more better by having your partner along for the ride!