Fabulous Friday: Accessorize!

If you've already said "yes to the dress", its time to accentuate your look with a few accessories. But where do you begin? Are wedding shoes about prioritizing style or comfort? Should you go for drop or post earrings? Long or short veil? Headpiece-yea or nay? Like many aspects in planning a wedding, choosing the right accessories for your big day can be a bit overwhelming. That's why we're here to help! 



As any marathon runner would do, definitely prioritize comfort over style for your wedding shoes. If you aren't used to wearing 7 inch stilettos, you may want to avoid them on your wedding day considering you'll most likely be taking pictures, walking down the aisle, and dancing all night in them. Think in terms of heel height, width, and padding, and don't be afraid to deviate from whites, champagnes, nudes, and ivories. We've had brides rock a bit of a bolder look with marine blue shoes (it's a great way to honor the long-lived "wear something old, new, borrowed, and blue" tradition) ! If you can't part from a certain pair of shoes, bring a second pair that you can change into once dancing kicks off. Our last tip: wear your shoes around the house to break them in a bit before the big day! 



The biggest rule of thumb when it comes to jewelry is making selections that will enhance rather than compete with the attention you and your dress deserve. One way of doing this is picking jewelry that best matches your dress color. If your dress is white, then silver, platinum, and pearl jewelry will complement it best, and if your dress is off-white, then gold, rose-gold, and silver embellishments are the way to go. The slight yellow hues and creamy undertone of an ivory wedding dress match beautifully with gold jewelry. Also, a tip to help determine what length your necklace and earrings should be, and whether a headpiece is a "yea" or "nay", is to pay attention to how well the jewelry matches your dress's neckline. Drop earrings, for instance, are always a hit with strapless dresses.

Photography by Amanda Seifert

Photography by Amanda Seifert


Veils have a secret power in how you can use them to manipulate the aspects of your look that you want to highlight or minimize. If you have a small build that you want to accentuate, for instance, a short and wide veil will do just that, whereas a long and thin veil can give the illusion that you grew a few inches. Hence, choosing a length and style for your veil is often easiest if you first decide what aspects of your build and dress you want to draw attention to or hide. Your choice of hairstyle for the big day can also help narrow your selection of veils. If you are thinking of wearing your hair down, for a more "a lo natural" look, halo veils, mantillas, and bridal caps all work very well. Birdcages and blushers, on the other hand, are a safe decision if you haven't decided on a hairstyle before buying your veil because they work with almost every hairstyle!

At the end of the day, the most important tip to follow when choosing the shoes, jewelry, and/or veil that you'll wear for your "I do" is to make sure you feel like yourself in them because your most prized accessory is your personality. 

Vendor Spotlight: Parson Made

Emmy Loyd Brooks, owner of Parson Made, started a 3D Printing and Design company in Charleston, SC. The goal of Parson Made is to provide memorable keepsakes at an affordable price. If you can think of it, they can make it! Wedding favors, ornaments, jewelry, frame embellishments, cake toppers and many many more! The best part about 3D printing is they have the ability to make anything so it can be personal to any couple or venue! We love the endless possibilities that are available, check out the website here



South Battery Cake Topper


Curtis Circle Gate Earrings


Bridal Bling:Wedding Style Jewelry For Your Big Day!

Ask any bride what the most important part of her wedding style is and you could get one of many answers:  the dress, the colors, flowers, maybe even the venue.  Certainly the bride will be the center of attention and making sure she is fully styled is one detail that can easily be overlooked, or remembered last-minute.  Just like a beautiful dress, hair, and makeup, the bride needs beautiful jewelry, as do the other ladies in the wedding party.

Unless the bride has an extremely healthy wedding budget or precious family heirlooms, most brides opt for costume jewelry at their wedding.  These pieces make that bold statement the bride almost always wants to make on her big day.  This also eliminates the stress of losing an earring while dancing the night away at the reception. Brides often opt for faux pearls, chandelier earrings and even cubic zirconia for that extra sparkle.  A bride who’s having a more relaxed beach ceremony for example, or maybe a rustic affair,  may choose to go with smaller, more subtle pieces to keep it a bit more casual.

wedding collage plain

 Then there are the bridesmaids.  Most likely the maids will be color coordinated in one way or another and will also need accessories.  Many brides, myself included, select these pieces themselves to ensure everyone matches and that no one shows up wearing something ugly that will be forever be the focal point of all those wedding photos, at least to you that is!  Incorporating the jewelry in to the bridesmaid’s gifts is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.  Though the bride should be the center of attention on her special day, the bridesmaids deserve a little pretty bling as well!

bridesmaid collage

A huge thank you to Holly Marsh, a Chloe and Isabel Representative for the gorgeous pictures of Chloe and Isabel pieces perfect for a bride and her maids and the fabulous article.

Holly Marsh is a College of Charleston graduate who resides in West Ashley with her husband and American Bulldog.